Centenary of the first flight of Cierva' s autogiro

Last January was the anniversary of the first successful flight of an autogiro, C4 in Getafe, Spain.

Autogiro was the first rotary wing operating from a ship deck. It saw limited service, or at least it was tested, with almost every air force during ww2.

The development of its rotor paved the way for the helicopters…

So, please, add an autogiro! Maybe the C30

I read here recently that the developer that was working on an autogyro had to cancel the project because the physics engine just can’t make that kind of flight model work yet. Maybe one day!

But please not that C30 :rofl:
It’s so fugly hahah :wink:

That’s true, MSFS doesn’t support autogyro’s yet… but I’m sure there are ways around it :wink: I maybe working on a autogyro as we speak… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ugly?? It’s the first rotary wing that worked properly!

O_o I thought that rotary wing flight dynamic was implemented in 40th anniversary update!

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