Certain Trees lowering my FPS

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Certain types of trees in big PG cities destroy FPS
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fly through: France: 48.862091, 2.250891
plane: JMB VL-3

4k High End settings

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I have Ryzen 5800x OC to 5ghz, RTX 3070 OC, 32gb 14C 3600mhz ram, an independent ssd for flight sim.

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not sure
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in the process of doing it

The sim works fine in most areas; however, patches of certain trees, in major cities kill performance.

Although it says GPU is at 100%, GPU temperature drops when flying over these trees.
Not all trees cause problems, just certain ones.
Problem usually occurs when more than 20gb of ram is in use.

It happens with all of the planes. Ironically, it’s worse with the slow VL-3. Perhaps the faster planes don’t allow the full texture to load, so less memory is filled?

Can someone test these locations to see if they have the same problem with 3080 or 3090?

Lowering tree level to low did nothing to help

This doesn’t surprise me. In the last dev Q&A they said they fixed a Tree LOD bug which thus changed the tree draw distance. So there’s probably a performance hit from more trees being drawn as a result.

I’m seeing a 20% FPS drop loading into Chicago Midway, and I suspect this is at least part of the reason why. 5900x and RTX 3090.

Might be just moving data into and out of memory as opposed to doing intensive shader calls on the GPU, which would cause warmer temps.

It could be that. A slower plane will allow higher photogrammetry LODs to load in. Or the default views are different in some of the planes, perhaps the VL-3 has a wider FOV so it’s drawing more stuff (trees)?

The good news is they said there’s a substantial memory management performance gain in the DX12 update, so hopefully this is just a temporary issue.

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Is the 20% drop in FPS, you experienced, still above 24 fps [the lowest I can tolerate]

In December I had my machine and settings tweaked to hit 60 fps. With the same setup I’m getting 48 fps now. More than playable of course, but it’s troublesome to have that significant of a drop as it will matter in other situations (VR, certain busy airports, etc).


It’s a shame the game only uses a fraction of the 3090 vram

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Trees are also affected by the Terrain LOD slider. I think this is the area they changed, and has the biggest impact on things overall.

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I’m hopeful the game will be optimized soon. In the meantime, I have to find something to distract myself from this sim. I’m wasting too much time trying to tweak it

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There’s a mod that removes all the trees if you want to test it helping with the performance. For me, it eliminated the bad stutters around Mount Rainier forest areas near 21W airfield for example.


Thanks, I’m just going to avoid certain areas and hope a performance patch is on the way

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Find it happens the closer I am to them. Has not been addressed yet. Screenshot from last year !

Asobo I think is aware of this but most of the focus is probably shifted on world updates and other bugs. Its been this way since the launch in August.
They need to bring back the trees to the level of quality they had in earlier alpha/beta builds.Hate flying over my neighborhood in Gwinnett Georgia and the fps just drops below 20.

Probably getting 10fps here.

I find that it’s the east coast trees that really mess my system up.

Mine is bad mainly the Atlanta area but the trees in photogrammetry areas generally drop performance if you fly near them.
Probably depends on the GPU bandwidth.They need to reduce the tree count on without affecting the LOD

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I’m hoping the mentioned memory updates do the trick. I’ve heard they’re aiming for the end of summer to release it.

Indeed. I see pretty poor performance in Atlanta too.
Massachusetts (coastal and a little inland from Boston so far) lots of tree’s, and not great performance but not as bad as Atlanta.


Yes Massachusetts is not as bad for me either although I sent this to Zendesk multiple times months later still not fixed!

Atlanta is pretty much unflyable for me, i’ve flown 500+ hours all over the world and i’ve never had a place tank my FPS like it does there. It’s really strange. The trees do look very dense though and i don’t think i’ve seen them like that anywere else.

The FPS issues around trees seem to correlate with tree density. The more area around you is covered in trees, the worse it gets. High tree density for me also causes a slow but steady decrease in FPS when flying in affected areas (mainly US) for a while. When FPS goes below 10, disabling all online functionality and reenabling it (takes some minutes because you are switching back and forth between generic and Bing terrain data) helps to get some FPS back for a couple minutes until it gets back to unflyable again. That’s usually enough time to be able to land. Returning to the main menu and restarting the flight from my last location has the same result. FPS start low but flyable and go down back to 10 within minutes. Only restarting the sim gets my FPS back to normal. I suspect some kind of memory management issue that increases CPU load over time if the sim had to render a lot of trees (and maybe other objects).

Lowering tree details seems to delay these issues, but not by much. Lowering LOD settings helps to some extent, but that also reduces draw distance for anything else and that’s not what I have an RTX 3090 for. So fingers crossed, that Asobo finds the cause.

Can you try the mod that removes all the trees, available here, and report back if it helps?

Just tried it with a TBM 930 from KATL to GA27.

Without the mod: Down to 10 FPS average after 2/3 of the flight
With the mod: Made it without a problem and unusual framerate drops

Graphics settings at 4k resolution were Terrain LOD = 200, Objects LOD = 175, Trees = Medium, rest = Ultra

What I noticed is that the whole area around Atlanta consists of photogrammetry “trees” (i.e. weirdly shaped green polygons). That goes on for about 50 miles from KATL to the city Gainesville. Without the mod, the sim obviously adds its own trees, lots of them. Probably, the amount of photogrammetry data in this area (which in itself reduces FPS) combined with the large number of auto-generated trees is what makes the issue particulary bad in this area.