Cesna jet. Low altitude test

Set off from Leeds Bradford, about two hours ago.
Climbed to 40,000 over the North Sea, heading east.
Over Holland, I dropped the altitude to 5000 foot. Autopilot engaged.
350 knots.
I am now in East Poland.
The sun set ages ago, a very dim light behind me.
Still at 5000 foot and it is dark.
I have flown at low altitude over four countries.
Not a memory leak.
Not a glitch.
I have proved that the flight sim works flawless at low altitude.
Street and city lights look fantastic.
I have watched the transition from day to night.
There is nothing wrong with this simulator in it’s current state.
By the way!
I am using the steam version on a high end pc.
So if you are having problems… Don’t blame asbo

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