Cessna 152 VFR GPS help

Hi all, complete beginner here so excuse me if simple question but for some reason when I’m trying to simply fly short flights from one airport to another in the Cessna 152 using GPS the purple line is not showing on the VFR map? Am I missing something please?

Hi John,

The purple line will only show if you set a flight plan. If there is no set direction to fly to, there won’t be a line.

Hope this answers your question :slight_smile:


Hi there,

Yes just realised I had not actually setup a flight plan with to and from points and everything is fine now and thanks again for all your help and it’s much appreciated.


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I had this question too. The purple line doesn’t always show even though I always set a departure and destination. I thought it might not be available for certain aircraft but that doesn’t seem to be the issue. When I use the Cessna 152, sometimes it’s there but more often it isn’t. I’m confused.


Take a look here;

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Thanks for your help Wazit.

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Hello same issue here for last 5 days. Cessna 152 purple line on VFR map was always there and now its gone. I set up all the flight plan, made no changes and the line is gone. It is there for the other planes. I have to restart the game and the line comes back until you want to fly somewhere again it disappears. Ive not made any changes. Advice please.

I read in another post that it happens if you have waypoints longer than 6 characters… which seems a bit of a flaw.

I guess a test is to do a direct flight to and from airports with codes…

This is naff and needs a fix as it means anything like ‘Yosemite’ is too long. I will test this out later, but I don’t have much faith on the basis I didn’t have a purple line when flying to miami last night.

Hi all, I’m just practicing doing a few basic VFR flights in the 152 to help with my landings and am I doing something wrong because after setting up the flight the compass on the HUD in external view shows a pink line and an arrow at one end but it does not correspond to the NAV log direction or to where I should be headed? Is this a bug or I’m doing a silly mistake? Thanks.

Hi @JohnBrace - I’m new to the forum, and to MSFS too, am flying a lot in the 152 using VFR GPS, and I have pondered the same thing. I’ve tried all sorts of things to “activate” that mauve line on the compass, but am stumped, so would welcome any help from more experienced simmers!