Cessna 172 glass cockpit help

Are there any instructions on how to use the instruments in the Cessna 172 ? I tried the ILS landing lesson and had no idea where the heading indicator was. I kept getting off course. The compass dial in the center was aimed at about 90 degrees away from the airport heading. Is there a help screen for each of the instrument panels?

This is on a PC (I didn’t see PC in the list of platform tags so I picked “steam” ?)

I am not aware about specific instructions, but there is a related topic where you can also post your questions:

And who knows, maybe someone will indicate that some kind of manual or instructions exists.

Hi @JohnnyRotten410
I haven’t looked at that lesson for a while, but it used to have a bug that caused it to not accurately reflect what the beginning status should show. I’ve linked a thread below that covered some issues and workarounds with the ADF lesson and the ILS lesson. The thread was addressed to an Xbox flier but the missions work the same on PC (which is where I got my screenshots).
Hopefully this will help you get started with the correct starting setup for the mission. Let me know if you have more questions.

If this is the bug you are referring to, looks like it has been fixed:

I think that bug was the one that was causing the mission to fail at landing. The one I referenced was introduced last summer/fall where the nav radio was on the right freq at startup but didn’t capture either the localizer or glide slope signal.

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I still confirm that the bug is still present with this training lesson or mission. I have just verified during the flight and I still have to correct nav 1 and 2 to get safely to the airport.

Running MSFS 2020 on Xbox serie X with Turtle beach Velocityone yoke and TB rudder pedals.

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Youtube is your friend, here is a video that might help

Thank you. That was very helpful.