Cessna 172 Sundays, with EasternHops "Finland and Sweden Scenic Adventures"

Nothing to do on Sundays, We invite everyone to join us during the “Offical Cessna 172 Sundays” with EasternHops. This Sunday we will be flying “Finland and Sweden Scenic Adventures” an epic 15+ leg journey 25+nm with 20 or more Pilots from around the world.

when: each Sunday 11:am EDT/1500z
where: on the MS2020 multiplayer, West server
Flight information + FlightPlan
Discord: https://discord.gg/NpvBx2YbqK

note to all: visit us any time there is always someone flying don’t be shy give us a try. see us on event.tracker our guy use callsign EH-??? click on “Flight Event” link below>>
Flight Events.

some live shots from lasts week run

Be sure to give us a shot out below let us know if you flown with us yet…

Hey pizza,

Too close bro!!! LoL