Cessna 182


Does anybody know where did the Cessna 182 go?


There’s no 182 as a default aircraft in MSFS.

But wasn’t there a Carenado one?

Ah ok. In this case your post should be in the third party forum section.

Mmmm but wan’t it included before the last update?
I have to reinstall the game and I’ve been reintalling all but I noticed this plane is no longer there
Well, maybe they just removed it

The content manager is now rather confusing. Depending on the selected display options (right upper part) you might need to select a different display/filter to be able to see/re-download it.

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Not sure what you mean by “included.”

It’s never been “included” with the sim. It’s a third-party addon you have to buy. Did you reinstall it from the content manager after you reinstalled the sim?

Hi, no
I have several things not installed yet like the old FX liveries
I’ll check
Thank you

It was my fault, sorry

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Moved to Third Party-Aircraft.

If you own it. and you don’t have it installed, you should see a number next to items you can download, which means you don’t need to search for them.

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