Cessna 195 Fuel Selector Problem

I am having a problem with the fuel selector on the Cessna 195.

It starts out on “Both”, which is good, but both the keyboard and button mappings for “Fuel Selector 1 All” switch it not to “Both” but to “Left”. “Center” also switches to “Left”. I tried all possible settings I could think of, as well as all the other Fuel Selectors (2, 3, 4, etc.). No luck with any of them.

Basically, I cannot find any way to move it back to “Both” other than letting go of the controller to use the mouse and grab it, rotating the position back to “Both”. (It is also quite touchy, so I ended up moving it to “Off” more than once and killing my engine.)

The main reason this is an issue is that I like to have a key or button mapped for “gas on both” as part of GUMPS.

In this case, I’ve mapped the button to nothing, since I basically just leave it on both anyway, but it is quite frustrating. Does anyone have a workaround?

I don’t have this aircraft but it’s possible that you will need to use external software to map that control. The built in bindings are very limited. Yes they should all work with every aircraft but aircraft devs are allowed to do their own thing and often you’ll find that default stuff just doesn’t do the job. It is what it is.