Cessna 340, any body?

i have some obsession about movie’s aircraft, so cessna 340 one of them(2012) :slight_smile:

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Don’t know of any C340. But currently a C310 and a C414A are in development.

The 414 looks pretty similar and is close in size, performance and features to the 340 (2 flat 6 engines with 300+hp, pressurised cabin, 220kn+ top speed, 200kn cruise, 6 seats) the C414 has more range. So maybe an alternative?

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Oh a Cessna 414 in development! FANTASTIC!
But a Cessna 421 Golden Eagle would be the best and it has the most similarities with a Cessna 340.

What movie features a Cessna 340?

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movie is 2012 :slight_smile: 2009 year


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similar but not 340:)

Then you’ll have to wait till one comes along or pretend the 414 is a 340 :wink:

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only if 414 pretend she 340