Cessna 340, any body?

i have some obsession about movie’s aircraft, so cessna 340 one of them(2012) :slight_smile:

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Don’t know of any C340. But currently a C310 and a C414A are in development.

The 414 looks pretty similar and is close in size, performance and features to the 340 (2 flat 6 engines with 300+hp, pressurised cabin, 220kn+ top speed, 200kn cruise, 6 seats) the C414 has more range. So maybe an alternative?

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Oh a Cessna 414 in development! FANTASTIC!
But a Cessna 421 Golden Eagle would be the best and it has the most similarities with a Cessna 340.

What movie features a Cessna 340?

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movie is 2012 :slight_smile: 2009 year



similar but not 340:)

Then you’ll have to wait till one comes along or pretend the 414 is a 340 :wink:

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only if 414 pretend she 340

Carenado will bring a Cessna 340 very soon. And nothing beats Carenado quality :slight_smile:
But this Flysimware Cessna 414 is great too (because Carenado has no Cessna 414).

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nice, good to know

Visually perhaps. When it comes to realism, flight model and customer support I’ll take JF, DC, Aerosoft or FlyingIron over Carenado any day. Haven’t had a plane by FlightSimWare before though

This might interest you:

But why is in such a good looking plane such an ugly and outright wrong and false looking fake-mirroring of the cockpit in the rear wall of the cabin behind the coat hangers?

I am going to correct this false looking fake-reflection texture, and the rest of the aircraft is amazing! Even a real walk-around is possible and opening elements of the aircraft from the outside, a feature that was X-Plane exclusive so far:

This is almost a Cessna 340 from the looks and feels, the 400series is not so different. Well I already like my new flying car ;D
(and don´t worry Carenado has a Cessna 340 they will bring it sooner or later if you need this specific model, and the 414 uses the wings of the C340, the gear of the C340, and a slightly modified cabin of the C340.)

in any way my only must have ac is fighters of any period of the world - from first world war to modern period, from newport to f-35, all other ac i can love more or less, but about same, and never as fighter, but if be clear honest i love light more than heavy, so in any way x-cub better for me than b-737, but some of heavy i can love more, like c-17, what about c340 or porter, well, i’d love flight movie’s stars, bell-47 with pacino, c340 with cusack, pc-6 with robert jr. so for me c340 can be only c340 :slight_smile: because obsession of movie’s ac is obsession of very certain movie’s ac in my anamnesis :slight_smile:

Awesome the turbocharger is glowing at night!

Hm interesting topic… movie aircraft… I have never really thought about this topic because 99,99% of all movies feature no aircraft at all. Only classic eighties action series like MacGyver and Knight Rider, A-Team sometimes showcased a helicopter (mostly Bell JetRanger) and Riptide had this strange helicopter… I don´t know what type of helicopter it was.

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that from google:)
What helicopter was in the TV show Riptide?

Sikorsky S-58T

These included Murray’s robot, The Roboz (which, unlike most television robots, does not speak); Nick’s aging Sikorsky S-58T helicopter, The Screaming Mimi, which Nick occasionally used for his sideline business, aerial harbor tours; and Cody’s speedboat, the Ebb Tide.

Wow these eighties series were really a class of it´s own!
A helicopter, a boat, a ROBOT! Intense.
In today´s series the only thing to see is getting introduced to another boring character webbing intrigues and getting into quarrels followed by five even more boring characters having complicated relationships and intrigues and endless disputes with the two even more boring shallow characters introduced in the next episode. And so on, and so on, and the rest is blah blah blah blah blah in boring exchangeable settings.
In the eighties we got JetRangers and MD-500 and jumping off Learjets with parachutes and speedboats and other cool things to see in all cool TV series.
I wonder if airplanes modified by the A-Team would still have been able to fly with all this metal and snow-plug shovels and other stuff welded on!

The only good and charismatic series with awesome characters and superb plot we got during the last 25 years are Mandalorian and Boba Fett :smiley: This is the way!

And sorry still no Cessna 340 for the Flight Sim until Carenado will announce theirs. These wing tanks are a matter of taste but the rest of the plane is an absolute classy retro plane.
There will be some Flight Sim 20 Cessna 340 for sure in the next 12-24 months from some third party development team… I wonder if it will be from Carenado or Milviz or a complete new team like Flysimware?
Hm time will tell…

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