Cessna Citation CJ4 ILS?

Anyone know how to get this working? Can’t find any tutorials for it on this plane


I was able to get this accomplished for the first time today. I created a flight plan from the beginning, selecting my runway of choice at the destination. It entered the ILS frequency automatically for me.

When you’re in the vicinity of the arrival airport, select the left most NAV button that has the small up and down arrows on it, to switch the PFD from FMS1 to LOC1 mode. In the screenshot in the PFD you can see LOC1 and the ILS frequency below it, in this case, 110.70 for runway 33L at Boston. It should then be showing the pink diamonds on the display.

If you are in heading mode, now switch to NAV mode by hitting NAV on the center top panel. Or you may already be in NAV mode if you’ve been letting the flight computer fly by the flight plan.

Then you need to select the APPR button from the center top console to enter approach mode so it will try to intercept the glide slope.

Fly in below the glide slope. For KBOS I got down to 3500 ft many miles out, which results in the PFD’s right pink diamond being above current altitude. I find the ATC sometimes doesn’t have you descend fast enough in sims to get you below the glide slope in time before intercept, so be aware of that.

The aircraft will then fly level until the pink diamond comes down, at which point it intercepts it, and then the PFD shows GS in green. At that point it should show

During this approach sequence, you should have put down the gear and eventually full flaps. I’m not sure the exact speeds but I aimed for around 130 kts for the final descent along the glide slope. (Speed shown in these screenshots was from an earlier attempt that was too fast. Took a few attempts to get it right. You can save your flight during descent to reload later to practice.) Turn off the AP somewhere around 500 ft and land it manually. Hope that helps!

PFD closeup


Thanks for this.


Brilliant thanks this worked!


Thanks ParadiseFlight - I’ve also mastered this previously but for some reason now the purple diamonds are not appearing. Any ideas?

After latest update, CJ4 ILS does not work if tuned manually in FMS Radio (TUN). The selected ILS frequency shows in the fms radio page. But the PFD continues to show previously selected VOR frequency. Any help please?

Sorry I’ve been away from MSFS, but am back to see how things are working with the latest updates. I’m running the latest version and trying an ILS landing again with the CJ4 as I did above. It is working for me. Is it working for you now with the latest updates?

Just trying this again since I last did it a couple months ago. It is working for me even with manually tuning the ILS frequency. Make sure you’ve clicked the left most NAV button that has the up and down arrows.

Thank you friend. I am flyng this for the first time to cacun. MMUN. I was studying the system and thought to myself, man I have no buisness being up here in this. I’ll have to manually land this thing. I pick up my phonee and googled ils in cj4, and there you were. Again thanks for the info. Very well explained.

You don’t need to do this.

To capture the Glideslope, approcch the magenta line at
45 degrees or less.

To capture the Glideslope, be sure to be at or under the Altitude set for the FAF, Final Approach Fix.

From the User Guide:
“Slow to 200 KIAS or less prior to initiating the approach, APPR, and slow to no greater than 160 kts by FAF. For a precision approach it is recommended to be at Vapp by the FAF.
The Autopilot must be disengaged no lower than 200’ AGL and the yaw damper off before touchdown.”

In the Assistance Options:

Turn on “Landing Path” under Navigation Aids to help to keep you on the Glideslope.

Turn on “Heads Up Display for Cockpit” to “Minimal” under User Experience to watch your Air Speed and Altitude while on the Glideslope.

When I press the left most NAV button that has the small up and down arrows on it, it switches between FMS1 and VOR1; LOC1 does not show up, did I miss something?

Do you have a Localizer frequency programmed in the NAV radio?

Are you too far away from the Localizer?