Cessna Citation CJ4 Issues and Support

so i cant seem to get the radar to show anything, i clicked through the TERR/WX button but only the terrain seems to work, am i missing something? Currently using workingtitle-cj4-v0.12.5

Not sure if the CJ4 is still using the standard weather radar as provided by the sim?

If it is you might not be aware that it was changed in the last Sim update to only show areas of rain and not just any clouds like it did originally.


that may be it then.

Just try manually setting the weather to rain or storm and see what shows up then.

Hello all,

Now that AAU1 has arrived, we are opening a new and official thread for all issues related to the CJ4. Feel free to post your questions and issues here.




A single question on my side (for now, just booted the aircraft at the parking) : are the options coming back or is it definitely gone ?

(images taken from the past documentation of the airplane by WT)

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  • Cabin lights will probably not be coming back, as the thing in the mod was definitely a hack that we wouldn’t want in an official product
  • Simbrief and Navigraph charts cannot be included due to licensing, support, and contractual issues
  • The plane will switch units based on your in-sim units setting
  • The flight plan is always sync’d with the sim, the setting is no longer required
  • Ground power can be connected by contacting ground ATC to request a GPU
  • Datalink METARs are implemented in the AAU1 version and pull from the sim

Make sense. Great rework, btw, the new version look insanely good.

I still hope we find a way for Simbrief/Navigraph in the future, as for Hoppie. But it’s not CJ4 or WT-related, so let’s enjoy what we have now : a great plane :wink:


Are there any manuals available on how to use the new avionics for Xbox users ?


Will there be a Plane Manual / Entry in the “A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition” Add-on from the Store for the CJ4 for PC? or a Guide for the System changes / new Systems / new Advanced autopilot?

I really like the new Version btw

No Simbrief :frowning:


There dont show me this in ATC, only ask for fueltruck like always

First off, the CJ4 is my favorite plane to fly, so excited to explore the new features!

  • Cabin lights will probably not be coming back, as the thing in the mod was definitely a hack that we wouldn’t want in an official product

Does this mean there shouldn’t be cabin lighting, period, or just not via the FMS? Is there another switch somewhere?

I ask because when I first booted, I noticed the cabin lights on after manually firing up from cold and dark. The game locked my entire computer (a fluke for now?), so I had to get back in. The second time I used the auto start because I’m impatient, and the cabin lights never turned on. So was this a bug or did I accidentally hit a switch for them? I noticed two of the overhead light knobs are labeled “cabin” in the pop-up label, but those only turn on spotlights in the cockpit.

Otherwise, I’m liking the updated display colors, and the exterior lighting is awesome. I can actually see where I’m going at night now!

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When doing some flying today I noticed the plane rather sensitive in a certain margin of speed. At slower speeds and fully configured for landing the plane feels weighty and behaves as expected. At excessive speeds the plane is non-responsive and hard to recover, somewhat expected. At speeds between around 220kt-280kts the plane is pitch sensitive. Barely any input at all is needed for the plane to pitch to any angle with little to no resistance from the aircraft. Its hard to make precise inputs when constantly overcorrecting. I concede that its a light plane, but im getting more authority than an SU27 or an F22.

These were taken with default weights using a joystick and acrobatics are used as demonstrations on what is possible.


I noticed that too, much too agile now


Feedback and bugs for CJ4 found in first day after removing external WT addon and switching to “default”…

  • FMS seems to be bugging again and didn’t allow to choose any STAR or approach for example EKVG, “Key not active”, had to program arrival manually

  • Weather changes hard, drop or lift aircraft suddenly 1000ft and either overspeed or drop by 60kn.

  • Unflyable manually due suddenly 10000% more sensitive controls, even already tweaked to -60%, pitch bounces and basically impossible to stabilize AoA

  • ENBR SID REKLI1D was not followed on first turnpoint, kept on flying straight until dct made, then followed LNAV ok. Second flight in row and aircraft was not completely shut down between flights

  • EKVG unable to choose arrival/approach, pressing DEP/ARR key reports “KEY NOT ACTIVE” or does just nothing, manual arrival route programming

  • ENTC old runway numbers and no SIDs available

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After wheels touchdown, pretends to start drift out of runway to either side like heck, like 50kt gust would hit the side suddenly. Hard time trying to maintain centerline with pedals which also respond and affec either not at all or way to much.


VNAV mode ON during climb, FLC-mode, won’t change from IAS to MACH automatically even VNAV SETUP is done and VNAV CLIMB phase is active. Did change fine during external WT addon installed.

In VFLC mach mode switch will happen automatically when .64 is reached.
In other modes it is based on altitude. Something around ~28000

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