Cessna Citation CJ4 Issues and Support

Not sure if this has already been reported, but I noticed that the “landing gear” aural alert plays when the plane is on the ground and the gear switch is up even when the plane is completely cold and dark with the battery switch off. I assume the real aircraft can’t play alerts with no power, although I could be wrong.

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First flight after SU12, and it was probably my smoothest ever. Vastly improved feel / handling on approach while getting configured for landing. Drag with flaps and gears felt right. No ballooning like the previous flight model. Flew in manually since the airport had an offset RNAV approach, and set it down at -190 fpm and 88 kts. Really fun. Ground handling and holding center line were good and very satisfying. Nice job Working Title team!


Thank you for the helpful video!

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also notice! thats a bug. also the aural comes, when you set flaps 15 on approach before you lower the gear. thats also not right! Hope for a fix soon!

The correct conditions for the landing gear alert are either:

  • Flaps angle is greater than 15 degrees or
  • Flaps angle is 15 degrees and the radar altitude is less than 500 feet

I haven’t noticed this bug, but I found another one related to landing lights not working correctly. Not even sure if it’s a new bug or one I just happened to discover the other day. I was still on SU11 at the time and haven’t had the chance to update to SU12 to test it (and sounds like the white dot issue was made worse to the point I may not want to play at all now). It’s been reported nonetheless.

Thought I would chime back in and say that the flight model after SU12 is feeling great again! Better feel on take off, less wobbling. No big balooning in flaps 35. Final approach and landing feels spot on. Solid work!


Yes indeed. Many thanks to the Asobo/WT team for the significant flight model improvement. I had abandoned this bird after the AAU1 release, having found it irritating to fly in comparison to what we had before. The recent improvements are dramatic and I am once again enjoying this fantastic (default!) aircraft.


As I was very sceptical with the flight model after AAU1 I also want to thank the Team for listening and reacting.
Having never flown an aircraft like the CJ4 irl but having some experience with SEP aircraft it certainly “feels” more like I would expect a heavier aircraft to behave. And as the changes in flap and gear drag now allow a stable approach the CJ4 is -again - a fantastic alternative for the short to medium haul into shorter airfields.

Likewise. I was finding the experience frustrating before the SU12 changed. The odd nose dip after rotation has now gone and smooth landings are again consistently possible without a bounce or a float but landings are flat. Very nice.

yeah, I know, I´m C525 type-rated F/O.

But when you set Flaps 15 on approach above 500ft, the “landing gear” alert should not triggert IRL. :slight_smile:

That aural is not configured for sounding above 500 feet at flaps 15, although we have had reports of some mods causing that issue, which was resolved upon removing or updating the mod.

With SU12, the plane is landing similar to before the AAU1 update. I had learned to make a smooth landing under the AAU1 changes. The high drag at 35 deg flaps brought you to Vapp very quickly and forced yo back on the throttle of 60% N1 to keep above Vref. To make a smooth landing, you had to have discipline to be at Vref at touch down with the green circle lined up on the speed tape (was the green circle on speed tape before AAU1?, I don’t remember). To avoid a bounce, I would do a slight flare with trim at touch down.

With SU12 I don’t really flare at all but in fact usually put slight forward pressure on the yoke to keep the nose from lifting as the main gear load up.
And the main gear load-up gradually vs the sudden impact causing the bounce in previous flight model without a flare. The question for the real world CJ4 drivers here is, which is more accurate to the real airplane?

Hi! i ve a problem with Trim in CJ4. the green trim bar is at the top of the bar from 0 and in flight the trim values ​​are unrealistic. do you have any suggestion to solve the problem?

Don’t rely on the trim indicator on the HUD view - use the ones on the MFD to set take off trim.

The green bars that show on the cockpit MFD are for take-off range only - they will disappear after take off. After that you can set trim to whatever you need to maintain the desired speed and attitude.

In flight the only trim you should need is elevator and the trim ranges required for normal climb, cruise and descent attitudes seem realistic enough to me - nothing excessive needed.

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but in every video i saw the green bar is alwyas under the half of trim pannel.
elevator trim at -41% to maintain a constant altitude seems to me a very strange value. if i set the elevator trim to 0 the plane goes nose up and start a climb with an extremely elevate climbing rate.

The trim values you see are correct. As in real life, the majority of climb and cruise is done with significant nose down trim (you can confirm this by looking at various videos online of the aircraft).

A trim value of neutral trim at speed in the real aircraft would send you well into the sky. These have an efficient wide-speed-range wing with a boatload of rear mounted thrust. Most modern bizjets trim similarly.

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Terminal Wx is working in this aircraft? I request via datalink but nothing is happening :thinking: (Xbox)

question, I used to use simbrief import into the CJ4, I believe this has been stopped.

How do I import a simbrief flight plan into the FMS now?


You cannot. You must enter the flight plan manually until someone creates a mod.

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