Cessna Citation CJ4 or not?

Having spent way too much time in the TBM930 :slight_smile: I went back to the Cessna 152 today - what a blast from my recent past that was, great fun and even managed a respectable landing!

Then I threw on some floats to the 172 and had fun on a loch in Scotland.

My question - is the Citation CJ4 a good jump up from say the TBM930? And does it have any bugs/faults that might make it not worth trying?

I want to stick with stock planes until I see what SU10 brings to the table.

CJ 4 is a great transition to jets! Id recommend finding Working Title’s Discord. Recommend their Mod and their Guide is a MUST read! WT are since creating that Mod, on the MSFS Dev team and will be releasing a refresh to the Sim’s version in the future. They are currently working on Garmin Avionics and their G1000 NXi refresh will release with SU 10. Definitely check iut thr CJ4!


If you’re on PC, the Working Title CJ4 mod takes an ok plane and makes it amazing. If you’re on Xbox, you’re limited to the stock CJ4, which is ok the same way the TBM is ok in its stock form.

On a side note for Xbox users, the WT CJ4 is going to replace the stock plane in the sim some time in the near future, so its awesomeness will also be available on Xbox.


I wouldn’t use the stock version, but get the WT mod version ASAP!

The WT-modded CJ4 is one of the best aircraft in MSFS with capabilities approaching study-level.


According to the Working Title discord discussion, WT is working directly with MS / Asobo on refreshing avionics, and will be replacing some of the current avionics in the sim: Garmin G1000 NXi as of Sim Update 10. And soon to follow the G3000, and the CJ4. Working Title does have a free “mod” for the CJ4 for PC, but on Xbox we’ll have to wait for it to be included in the sim itself (my guess is SU11, but they’ve said ‘this year’). Having tried the stock CJ4 on Xbox, I decided to wait for the WT refresh in the sim.

+1 on the CJ4 Working Title. Probably my all-around favorite plane. It uses Collins avionics vice Garmin, but the advantage is that the routing is darn-near bulletproof, without all of the weird routing bugs of the G3000. Probably my favorite feature is the VNAV descents…the altitude restrictions are automatically entered when you have STARS and Approaches loaded, so all you have to do is manage your airspeed/throttle on descents. (Whereas the TBM you have to manually enter altitudes, and it’s only Advisory VNAV so you need to control your VS.)

I guess you can’t get the Working Title version on X-Box, so I’d agree with the above and wait for it to be available “later this year”.

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I only recently concentrated on the CJ4, determined to make it my next step up as well.

Unfortunately, I was stopped in my tracks by the fact that the turbine starters dont have a proper keybinding. I dont like using the mouse in the cockpit so I stopped trying to fly the CJ4 for now.

Thanks all, as per tag i’m on X-Box

I will give it a try though, if its at least as good as the stock TBM it’ll be fine.

I’m not too fussed about using the mouse for buttons and tend to use a mix of mouse and real buttons at present.

If you are doing a World Wide Tour the CJ4 is limited on about 10 to 20 airports around the world that are too short. The TBM goes in to every airport (maybe minus one or two?). But, the CJ4 is a fun jet!

I would have thought that the CJ4 would take less runway.
On takeoff but maybe on landing requires a longer runway that the TBM.

I don’t know.

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No reverse thrust on a small jet i guess?

I hope to give it a go today.

You can use tools like FSUIPC or Spad.next for key bindings to lvars… The CJ4 is a very nice aircraft with the WT mod, so I should definitely try these tools.

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I’m on X-Box as per tag :wink:

Ah… apologies then :slight_smile:

I did that exact thing, i.e., went from TBM930 to the Working Title-modded CJ4.

Transition to jets takes some getting used to because everything happens so quickly, but the real CJ4 can be operated by a single pilot, which makes it a good first choice.

If you want to try it, I warmly recommend first watching this YouTube video by FilbertFlies in its entirety:

Thanks, does that video apply equally to the stock X-Box CJ4 as well?

Well, that was educational :slight_smile: I think Cessna must love as I’m on my second CJ4 already!

First one died due to over-stress, oops.

So, from what little i read and watched, the CJ4 does not have auto-throttle? My one certainly did, that was bit confusing.

I managed to program a low IFR flight from stanstead to heathrow with a bit of a scenic route to lengthen the trip. Startup, taxi was very easy, ATC was on the ball too, gave me the IFR with my requested arrival ILS runway, live weather was clear but some cloud and a little wind.

Takeoff was good, this time around i got AP to engage and take over, I think thats when auto-throttle kicked in?? I had not set an airspeed so it shut the throttles and we headed down smartly, a few seconds of panic had that sorted and a climb rate set too.

Mid flight, the mouse dropped out :frowning: third time i have had this in the last month. So that raised tension in the cockpit a few levels. To my surprise and pleasure, the system picked up the glideslope and switched to LOC1 nicely when i hit APPR , set my flaps, reduced to 100KIAS, happy days ( i thought )

Dropped the AP off and… it did not want to land, I had the throttles full back and it was still powering away :frowning: added the speedbreaks, and did manage to force it down but could not get it to stop - breaks did nothing, I went off the end of 27L, into the trees and crashed into a building :frowning: Nobody survived sadly.

So it’s back to school for me, nothing like the TBM930 or DA62 at all. I miss my G3000/G1000 as well, luckily this time i did not need to touch the FMC as I had no mouse.

Also finding almost impossible to read the airspeed or altitude readings on the PFD, its just too small.

Any tips here??

No, I’m afraid not.

I have never flown the stock version myself, but I assume that a lot of the info in the video would be so inaccurate that I would try to find something else as a beginner’s guide.

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The CJ4 definitely has no auto-throttle.

Did you check the calibration of your throttle controller?

Have you installed any third party livery for the CJ4?

Maybe try again with an empty community folder?