Cessna Cj4 pink interior

I have downloaded many liveries from the flightsim.to and all of the liveries except one gave me pink cockpit lights problem. This pink cabin can be seen from little bit far. When i zoom in, plane looks normal. Do you have the same issue?

If liveries are showing up pink it’s a compatibility issue with the latest SU. Check to see if there’s an update from wherever you downloaded them from.

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it says it is confirmed for su5, but comment says it is not :slight_smile:

go to the texture.cfg in the Livery and add the follwing fallback line at the end of the list -

Replace the ?? with the appropriate number.
This is the solution for all Livery with this problem. Asosbo introduced with SU5 generic Interiors for low lod models.
Kind Regards, JayDee

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Does this also apply here then? This pink fluorescent glow in the cockpit appears as I pan out
pink lights

I’ve been in the middle of a move for several months, and had to perform a clean install of MSFS SU7 and that’s when I noticed the pink interiors as well. Desktop version.

I create liveries as well, and I found one typo with my texture.cfg files. If you see this, contact the livery author.