Cessna Longitude "ALT" setting after

A Little Help with the Longitude “ALT” setting
Flying with WT G3000 version 7.6 e ( Nezz) and Dakfly 1.95
With the update yesterday, I am unable to change the ALT by hundreds. The scroll wheel only increases or decreases Altitude by Thousands . I am in "LOCK " Mode which has remained unchanged from previous version
As Info , There were two additional downloads in the content manager for "Premium " and “Deluxe” , I installed both.
This problem is not apparent in any other aircraft like the Bonanza Ex with the NXI mod
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I believe you need to push (click) the alt button

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@TheSevenflyer I tried that several time , NO LUCK

See this link from the WTG3000 known issues.
I didn’t follow the link, so I’m not sure of their solution.
Good Luck.

its been doing that for me for the last 2 updates IIRC :man_shrugging:

I discovered the same issue yesterday. By trial and error, I discovered that you can switch back and forth between thousand and hundred foot increments, but I don’t recall the exact actions. I did hold my mouse curser over this ALT knob to bring up the descriptor panel. I saw that there are two settings, and I believe that you adjust by right clicking at the same time you continue to hold down the left mouse button ( or vice versa) I was then able to make 100 foot adjustments.

Hope this not crystal clear description helps!

It’s likely because of the Lock interaction, which I think is really throwing off a lot of users. I personally don’t use it since i"m quite accustomed to the Legacy mode, which matches the FSX and previous FS iterations. It might require a “two-step” of both left and right mouse buttons, possibly holding down left while right clicking with the other.

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@TheSevenflyer ,@GenBrienYQB, @AngryBeav1984, @CasualClick
Thank you all for your timely responses and suggestions.
I fiddled with the ALT knob the last 1/2 hour and landed on the solution. It was one I believe , recommended by one of you. So thank You again.
While in "LOCK " mode
HOLD DOWN LEFT MOUSE and RIGHT MOUSE CLICK , release, and scroll wheel change altitude
Repeat as necessary to change from 1000 to 100
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Good deal.

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