Cessna Longitude HUD

Am i wrong or is there suppose to be a glass HUD that you can pull down?

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I believe that a HUD on the longitude is a feature that can be added to the aircraft. It doesn’t come standard, therefore its not modeled in the game. Maybe this is something that could be added in the future or developed by a third-party, you never know!!

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The HUD isn’t certified in the real aircraft yet as far as I know, so not sure if that really has anything to do with it in the game.

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Looking into this further, the HUD is indeed an optional feature you can add on the Longitude directly. But it doesn’t come with the base model. So yeah, I wouldn’t count on it being modeled in the game by default.

Edit: The aircraft has the HUD modeled in the simulator. I just saw it on a YouTube video. Are you not able to use it? I have just got around to installing so I am unable to test for myself.

I would be more interested to have the full fuel capacity as it is supposed to be 14500 lbs and is only 5160 lbs in effect cutting the useful rage by 1/3. The HUD can come later.

True, i just ran out of fuel in mid flight… still landed at near by airport but was very surpised why i ran out of fuel

The Longitude HUD is in the sim in the folded-up position, but, unlike in the 787-10, clicking on it apparently does nothing. There are two buttons on it (one of which may be a latch to deploy the HUD), but they both say inop if you try to click on them.


The HUD is not modeled in the Longitude in FS. It’s a shame the HUD and the cabin is omitted. Once this bird is fixed those two items would be the icing on the cake.

I agree, a cabin would be wonderful in the longitude! The CJ4 has one.

Hey, it’s already installed but inop. I know HUDs are a challenge to make (787 cough). It can even display terrain at night, would be wonderful if a modder could make it work.

I have been involved with the development of the HUD on Longitude (Garmin GHD 2100). I would like to see this accurately implemented also and would be willing to help. I purchased the uplevel package just to get the Longitude and see the HUD. It’s preferred for pilot landing accuracy (which I could certainly use!) The SVS features would be awesome at night! Microsoft please allow the HUD to deploy!

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I saw a guy make a HUD display for VR using the OVRToolkit. He made the background transparent and placed the box over the windshield. Turning it on, displayed the “numbers” he had laid out, but no outline of a box. I’ve been meaning to figure out how he did it. I believe it was on YouTube.

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Now that HUDs are basically working properly now since SU8 if I remember correctly, any chance of revisiting implementing this idea? Not sure how much work it would take, but just basically porting over the 787 HUD code, animating the mesh where the hinge of the combiner glass is, etc. would be a 90% solution; the Garmin GHD 2100 has slightly different symbology than the Collins units in the Boeings, but it’s mostly the same from the videos I have been looking at.


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If you have ever flown with a HUD, you will never go back. Programs like PMDG consistently provide a complete and realistic flight experience for the training sim pilot, whereas MSFS 2020 Citation Longitude and other aircraft were barely arcade models. Thanks to Working Title, they first rescued the CJ4, then the Citation Longitude, then other hopelessly inadequate MSFS 2020 aircraft, by the customer doing what Microsoft should have done to begin with. I paid premium, got junk aircraft. I have singled in on the Citation Longitude, thanks to WT’s much improved G3000 unit (they call it G5000 but is is just the G3000, and not yet complete). The only part that lacks is the HUD. A module, like the G1000 plugin, could be made, quite easily by those who know how, to plug into all the aircraft lacking this feature. Please make this available in MSFS 2024.

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