Cessna Longitude Throttle Problems

I’m sorry to post thise here, but when I want to create a topic, I get a message saying “not permitted to view this page” or something.

I’m experiencing an annoying problem with the Cessna Longitude. When I take-off, I give 80 - 100% throttle. Just when I pull the airplane up, the throttle goes to near idle, with a crash as a result

I hope there are member who have also experienced this, and how did you get rid of the problem?



I don’t have the Longitude, but since its only that aircraft it is probably not a binding problem.
I would move the community folder to the desktop , restart the sim and see if that fixed the problem. If not move the community folder back. If it fixed the problem you have to try each mod one by one to see which is the offending one.
That’s all I can think of.

You were trying to post at a top level forum such as Community Support #self-service. You need to go down one Level, such as Aircraft & Systems #self-service:aircraft-systems which is where I created a new topic and moved your posts.

Hey, Try a landing challenge in the activity menu at first and maybe after accomplishing the throttle be unlocked. You do not finish succesfull the challenge.

Make sure you activate the Fuel Shutoff Valve. If you don’t, then you’ll never get above twenty-something percent of thrust.

a mi me pasa lo mismo con la longitude.

I’ve noticed several posts discussing the problem of disengaging auto throttle on the Cessna Citation Longitude during approach phase. AT always works great during Departure and Arrival phases. However, I typically try to take over manual control of the throttle at about the faf waypoint of the approach phase by hitting the AT toggle button (I have tried with SPD in both FMS and MAN) - often without success. Manual movement of the aircraft throttle is totally ineffective in changing aircraft speed despite the panel indicating decreasing power when I move decrease the aircraft throttle. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong or how I can correct this? Some suggestions are to toggle AP on an off but this doesn’t seem to work? Anybody else encountered this problem or found a solution. Any pointers welcomed.