Cessna Skylane 182RG

The Cessna Skylane 182RG (“RG” stands for “retractable gear”) was a workhorse in the old Flight Simulator franchise and is noticeably missing from the current Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s been out of production for several years, so it’s understandable that it did not make the cut for the release version of MSFS. But with all of the vintage aircraft coming to Flight Simulator, it would be nice to see an addition from the not-so-distant past.

Steam gauges are a must, as that is how the plane was manufactured, though I would not mind a variant with a G1000 retrofit for those who feel more comfortable with glass.

I’m agnostic on turbocharged vs naturally-aspirated, though I’d lean toward naturally-aspirated in keeping with tradition, but I welcome comments.

From Wikipedia:

This would be neat. I’d like a Turbo myself.

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Its not such a popular plane though and has never been. I can count the times I’ve seen one on one hand.

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I think is popular,

to all around MS sim fans because included in slm from begining…

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Better yet, why not bring even the regular 172 to the Airfoillabs level of fidelity? :wink:
My only hope is A2A.


My favourite plane from FS2002. Voted.

The 182 Turbo Skylane RG is the nicest small Cessna I’ve ever flown in real life. Back in the 90s, there was one for rent at the Aurora, Oregon airport. $120 an hour wet. I rented that airplane whenever I could. If it wasn’t available, I’d snag a 172 HawkXP (another airplane that should be part of the stock 172 livery in MS 2020). If it was a woman, I would have married it. :rofl:

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I see a couple of comments here for turbo. Maybe they could do both, like Just Flight. Or if not, turbo is fine, too!

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If you’re feeling really nostalgic, Internet Archive has you covered. :wink:

Also, count me a vote for turbo – the extra “oomf” is nice and helps distinguish it from the base 172. If you’re going for retractable gear you want performance, right! :smiley:


Actually, that’s perfect! No need to remake it for MSFS with this beauty available! :smile:

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Turbo variant would be great, but this would be a great GA plane to have.

I love to have the turbo retrofit glass version :).

I woukd be ecstatic with a decent T182 with G1000 nxi with fixed gear.

Best planes ever to fly :slight_smile:

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