Cessna Sundays "Northwest Mountain Hops" W/EasternHops

Hello, Flight Sim Friends,
We invite you to join us during our "Offical EasternHops Cessna Sundays” This Sunday we will be flying the “Northwest Mountain Hops” an epic 15-leg 25 - 35+nm group airport hops with 35-40+ Pilots from around the world. Hope you can join us.

This flight is from our Archives <<

When: Sunday, March 19 / 2022 11:AM EDT/1500,zulu *** Time Change ***

Where: on the MSFS Multiplayer, Server - East USA

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Full Airport information, using our custom E-generator CLICK HERE

Download our event’s Flight Plan HERE!

Need help, use our “Need Help Let’s Chat” support line on our https://easternhops.com/ website home page.

GA Pilots, we have joined FSEconomy Game World come and join us to get more information, it adds to the flight sim experience

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Happy Landings to all, See you this Sunday

Screenshots from past Cessna Sunday events


chicagostyle | N221GG



Pizza EH-4200

Pilots using Event Flight Tracker Click here

If you have flown Cessna Sunday with us and have screenshots please add them so we can see them

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