Cessna trim wheel keeps resetting and clicking on its own

Hi all I know there has been a lot of news on the trim wheel issues some people have been having.

Well I’m no different, my trim in the JPW MOD CESSNA a will not sit still.
I have assigned trim up and down on my yoke switches and they work fine but soon as I centre the trim for take off and release my trim switch . It resets its self and goes full nose down instantly.
The auto pilot is constantly fighting with it in the air .
Pane in the ■■■ .
Is there a fix for it anyone?

I would get rid of any double assignments.

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I have the same thing. I don’t know what to do.

When this happens its normally because the sim has used default assignments for controls and has duplicated some functions such as trim as JustMicko says. You need to hunt them down which can be tricky and get rid of them.

Sorted it was my CFY TQ CONFLICTING

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