CH Pro Pedals Issues

I have the CH Pro Pedals and they work fine, even though they are about the same age. The input is measured by a potentiometer. The pot could be going bad or it might be a bit dirty and need cleaning.

Are you sure you have the “Joystick L-Axis Z” assigned to the Rudder axis?

Left Brake Axis should be assigned to “Joystick L-Axis X”

Right Brake Axis should be assigned to “Joystick L-Axis Y”

Thank you for the suggestion of checking the Axis assigned, but the Axis are properly assigned. I checked.

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Have you cracked open the CH Pro Pedals case and tried cleaning the internal components? If you have, what did you use to do the cleaning?

I had an issue with mine where I turned it upside down and shook it and a bunch of guitar picks fell out :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

They were keeping me from getting full stroke on the rudders :slight_smile:

PS. I also had the problem you are describing in FSX (I had realized this when I had set up MSFS), because I forgot to turn off the assignment of the twist action (rudder) of my Logitech Extreme3D Pro. When I un-assigned it, everything went back to normal.

I have opened them to clean and lube the track due to it not being as smooth as it used to be. I used a small bit of silicon grease to lube the track, however not sure of that is to factory spec or not. The pot was fine so I didn’t mess with that.

What I remember was that there was one pot and some extremely thin and (what looked like) delicate wiring. Had to open it like a clam shell to avoid damage. The whole assembly isn’t necessarily complicated but I found putting it back together to be a bit tricky. All the components and wires need to lay a certain way so the wires don’t interfere with pedal track. Then I had to put the cover back on, blind, being careful not to bump any of the components.

The last observation I noticed that it was very easy to overtighten the screws, making the pedals stick.

If you plan on cleaning the pot, use something like Deoxit or a similar product. This is the same stuff I use to clean the pots on all of my guitars.

My apologies for the information overload. :slight_smile:

Occasionally. Usually if I fly an airplane that I haven’t flown in a while. I just unplug and replug the usb. It also happened with FSX.

Thank you for the details. I do not mind them as I am/was a Mechanical Engineer.

FYI, I observed last night during my tweaking of the rudder’s sensitivity settings that the trace of the CH Pro Pedals output in FS 2020 showed full right-rudder went up to 100% of the curve. Full left-rudder only traced up to 33% of the curve. My sensitivity settings in FS 2020 are identical for both left and right rudder inputs. Thus, I suspect I have a bad pot on the left rudder pedal.

I intend to crack the case and see what I discovver.

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