CH Pro Throttle issues

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Ch Pro Throttle - First of all, Throttle does not work as intended. Full Throttle is not recognised as such by FS: How do I know? Because even the Pilot Training Missions (no 1) cannot get past “apply full throttle” part of the Lesson.

Secondly: Throttle Axis seems reversed, select forward to increase Power, its reversed in the Sim, I actually have to set the opposite in the Controls Section for Push Forward Means Power Up in the SIM.

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All of the time.

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i7 unlocked at 3.8k 1070 Graphic Card 1TB M2, 32GB Corsair Ram, Win 10Pro.
(Thanks for any trying to help, my New Rig arrives middle of August, just trying to have some fun before I contemplate ditching the CH Products Completely)

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Ever since I loaded the SIM

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MS Version

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Nope, didn’t see need to until experienced and more knowledgeable pilots give me their opinions.

Hello, have you used the search option?

What axis type and which field is the throttle mapped to?

There are two axis types that I know of (not including the digital controls which are meant to be assigned to keys)

Type 1 = 0>100% is mapped 1:1 with the throttle.
Type 2. Is designed for a plus range (alpha range) and a minus range (beta range) which allows you to set up reverse thrust.
Therefore throttle 0>50% is actually beta range and only throttle 50>100% is used for the full 0>100% in plane throttle.

There are “reverse axis” options in config for all axes.

Furthermore there exists a bug where if you map an axis to the RIGHT column rather than the LEFT column the result is that your controller axis name also appears in the left column and then some strange inhibits on range appear in the game.
(It’s a while since I played with this and submitted the ticket but I think the result is that 0>25% and 75>100% are inhibited. They have no impact at all in game leaving you with 25%>75% of actual physical throttle range working in game for the full 100% in game range.