CH Products Eclipse and Reverse Thrust?

Hello all,
I’ve recently purchased MSFS 2020 and a CH Products Eclipse yoke. I’ve gotten the hang of most of it, but I’m struggling with bindings for aircraft with a reverse thrust option. For example, the Grand Caravan has a reverse thrust. When I pull my throttle back all the way, it actually goes into reverse thrust instead of idle. I’ve tried binding a key to select reverse thrust, but the throttle handle still pulls back into reverse. This makes those aircraft unplayable, since I cannot taxi, etc with any precision. Any advice? Thanks in advance!

Try using CH Control manager software to calibrate the throttle axis perhaps?

Unfortunately it’s not the axis that is the issue - its the fact that the sim doesn’t stop the throttle at 0 instead of pulling it back into reverse, even when I’ve set it so a button must be pressed before reverse will engage.