CH Products MFP

I installed the CH FS Yoke and the Multi Function Panel.
Got both to work, in windows using the CH Control Manager Software.
When I go into MSFS only the yoke shows up and is working, there’s no other controller/device for the MFP.
When I used it in previous sims the MFP used to come up as an Auxiliary/ Virtual device, In MSFS it doesn’t show up.
I know, the MFP controller is a little antiquated, but it still works and it would be handy for the G1000 /3000/ or the Gps
Any Thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

For anyone else possibly having similar issue.
I found my mistake.
I needed to activate the Mapped mode in the CH control Manager, not the DX Direct mode.
Once I made that change the Auxiliary Devices were mapped to MSFS.
All working fine now.
Its nice to have this working for controlling the G1000 / G3000 / Gps, especially in VR.