CH Throttle Pro Issue

Cannot seem to get full throttle on pushing the CH Throttle Pro Forward.
Attempting a Free Flight from Glasgow, just for a look around and to get accustomed to the plane…ends up in a stall and nose dive about a minute into the climb. Full Throttle seems to apply a bloody parachute for all the good it does. Any Pointers?

Ive disabled the Throttle in the Fighterstick, should I have done that?

Yes, it’s never a good idea to have two axes controlling the same thing. It’ll cause all sorts of problems.

I, too, have the same issue with my CH Products Throttle quadrant only going to 94% at full throw. It does go to 0% I’m pretty sure. I haven’t figured out a solution, other than using my mouse to push it the last 6%. It is a pain.

I’m not sure how to calibrate for MSFS to get it to get the full throw.

I had trouble with my CH Throttle Quadrant which turned out to be the driver Win10 auto installed. Go into settings>devices>bluetooth and other devices>devices and printers, right-click your throttle, select ‘game controller settings’ and manually calibrate. HTH