CH Yoke & Pedals work other than Free Flight


After setting up the yoke and pedals after installing the Deluxe edition everything was working great. Old yoke and pedals but worked. After the latest update both the yoke and pedals work in everything other than free flight.

I’d rather not have to spend out getting new yok and pedals until I am forced to.

Before I get the links on how to set these up, they are set up and working- Its just free flight they are not.

Thanks in Advance.

Take it no-one has any ideas?

same issue. I have the peddles, Patch 5 broke it. I am trying to find a way around it.

Both are working fine for me, but I must always disconnect and reconnect the USB for the rudder pedals, then wait 20-30 seconds for them to be recognized and made active. I always check both units by pressing the numpad “Ins” key for external view during pre-flight.

Realise too that sensitivities have changed. My ailerons felt like I was flying in glue. Flat-lining the sensitivity for the ailerons (from their former S curve) brought them back.

I fixed mind. I was wonder what program was trying to start when I plugged in the rudder. It was the CH manager. I unplugged the rudder, unistalld ch manager restarted windows then plugged the rudder back in. FS 2020 started ok. So I shut down everything and started over. Everything was ok. My solution remove ch manager I do not have to disconnect the rudder

Unfortunately I dumped the CH manager some time back, so that won’t help me. I’m guessing that my ancient rudders are too old to learn a new trick. Changing to different USB version ports didn’t work either.

been thinking about replacing these as well Maybe the thrustmaster ones

My CH yoke and pedals are still working absolutely fine after the update.
However, the right way to install is - uninstall from the system, install CH manager, then plug them in. You don’t calibrate them from Windows, only from within CH manager. Check also this thread.

Good to know, I do not need CH manager because I am using fsuipc I saw a post that a fix was coming this weekend maybe