CH Yoke Trim Question

I am using a CH Yoke, and with the CH Control Manager software I was able to write an “auto trim” script, which basically captures the Y-axis offset when you click a button, and when you recenter the yoke and release the button it adds the offset to the axis value. Clicking the button again removes the trim.

This works great, and is so much easier than trying to trim bit by bit without any real feedback. The caveat is, of course, that this trimming is done by adjusting the elevators rather than the trim tab.

This brings me to my question. Does anyone know how the sim models trim? Does it actually model trim tabs, or is it basically doing the same thing my script does (i.e. offset the elevator)? If it is modelling trim tabs, would there be any unforeseen downside to trimming the way I am? I am fairly new to simming and want as realistic an experience as possible. Right now I’m just flying basic GA planes, so I wonder if there would be problems with this approach when I graduate to bigger aircraft.

Not sure about your trim question. However, Are you using your CH Manager in Direct or Mapped mode? I have a lot of problems with Mapped mode in W10.


I’m using mapped mode and so far haven’t had any problems with it.

Thanks for the response. Didn’t want to hijack your thread. My CH Products (Yoke, Pedal, Throttle Quad) are old but still work well.

My devices disconnect and go unrecognized when I go to mapped mode in Windows 10. I have to do things a few times to get them to take. I’ve done all the disable power saving on the USB devices as recommended. Mapped mode is great because you assign custom actions and use a shift feature which is nice as you can double buttons and never reach for the mouse.

My yoke and pedals are new, so I suppose it’s possible that there have been improvements in the hardware. My pc is also fairly new with a fresh os install.

When I switched over from direct mode to mapped mode I did have to create new controller profiles in MSFS, but I figured that was to be expected due to the virtual controllers being setup.

Apart from still struggling to get the sensitivity right I really like the CH products and CH Manager is really powerful.

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CH Products will hold up over time. My gear is at least 10 years old and still works fine. As I understand it, the gentleman who wrote CH Manager retired and CH has never hired anyone to revisit their driver programming.

Here is a link to Control Manager for Dummies.