Change aircraft in fly mode

Can someone help me how to change aircraft in game? I see you can pick which aircraft to fly on the first setup menu but once your in fly mode how do you change? Tried almost every key without luck and for the life of me cant see any way to get into the aircraft menu once flying.

OK, it’s a bit tricky, you have to go to settings and activate developer mode then use the developer menu to change aircraft while flying.

There is a youtube video showing how to do it but unfortunately the forum won’t let me post a link to it. Search “Quill18 change aircraft” on youtube (video code iNdaDZ6R0A4).


Thx Codexus, I’m finding a lot of things you took for granted in FSX not available or so easy in 2020. Stay tuned I have a few other Q’s building op :).

I tried it but FS crashes. I guess it’s not 100% safe

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I have tried it but I only get a partial “Aircraft Selector” screen and am therefore prevented from selecting another aircraft. I am also unable to expand/stretch the screen ?? Any suggestions wioll be appreciated. Thank you.

Grab window by left-down corner to expand.
Type in name of aircraft desired.
Select from list ( aircraft is inmediately changed , do it in external view ) On the ground.
Pick on “Load”

Just try again.
Works !


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