Change and save eyepoint devmode

EDIT: aaaah nevermind… I’ve just found the Quick reload function in the BehaviourDebug Window. It does what I need :smiley:

Cheers guys,

in many aircraft the default POV is for my taste in the wrong position. Usually I go into the cameras.cfg file and change the eyepoint by a guesstimate, save the file, load the sim, start a flight, check, if not good do the same again. You all know how long that takes and it is… frust… rating.

So my question: Is there a way in the devmode to do this quickly? Please note that I do NOT intend to change and save the eyepoint in the way the game means it with these confusing hotkeys like Ctrl-1 or so, I fly in VR and TrackIR and have deleted ALL view changing hotkeys except moving to the side, forward and backward and up/down. Saving and trusting the sim is a bit too much to ask, I messed up my Spitfire with that and it took me a good while to find how to reset it. What I would like to do is enter the aircraft as a developer so to say and change the pilot’s eyepoint in the cfg. Is that even possible?