Change Angle or Pitch View in Cockpit

Please bring back an MSFS feature that worked so well -
(Space Bar /Enter in FS9) ability to change angle of view, to see more downward when cruising or on approach. External view is just not a realistic way to fly- you should be able to look at angles outside the windshield.

Sorry if I’m not thinking about this correctly but I believe the “see more downward” is the “Cockpit View Upper”. I use it a bunch when approaching and it lets you look higher over the instruments without changing camera view.

Yes, it works as it should and helps a little bit. But the old feature enables you to change the angle variably, as much as you wanted in steps. It was a better way of doing it and could be done mid flight instead of a static, preset menu option.

That gets me into some of the other things missing from this version, the ability to change things mid-flight without having to actually go back start over just because you wanted to change planes, flight plan, weather, etc…

I’m sure much of the feedback we are giving will be taken into account if we get updates. It is sometimes hard to be patient since there is so much potential.

Have you tried the cursor/arrow-keys? That’s what I use to change my viewing position.

Yes, I’ve tried everything. While in cockpit camera mode (where you would want to be if you are doing a landing for instance) you cannot move forward enough to not see the cockpit or part of it, and then you are zoomed in. You used to be able to maintain your position in the cockpit without needing external views or changing zoom, and just hide the cockpit. The external camera view almost achieves this but you are left looking at your plane. If we could just have the same view and essential instruments like we get in external view but no plane visible, that would be ideal. Then we could fly with essential instruments showing but have full view of scenery. An alternate solution of course would be to undock the instrument panel to a 2nd monitor and have only the scenery on the other (or vice versa).

Hi Asobo, can you please add pitch control to the cockpit camera the same way you have for height, zoom etc.

This would make a world of difference for me as I find the cockpit views to be generally too low but raising the height just means I miss out on the instruments. It’s a very basic change but offers a lot in return.

Here is an example with the Virus SW121 - MFS Default (Wide angle)

This is a custom view manually tilted down to see the same details in the cockpit.

I don’t understand. I have the cockpit height increased to 80 and I’m using the the cockpit camera pitch up/down command on my hat switch to tilt the view up/down as required.

Thats correct in fact you can do all the things in the camera controls manually if you want in the cockpit. Zoom, height etc.

The camera controls specify the DEFAULTS. I use the reset camera a lot too, so having to lower the camera down each time is a pain. I admit this isn’t a massive issue for some :slight_smile: but given that they have added Zoom and Height, I think Pitch would be a worth while addition too.

You can change the default pitch, bank and heading in the camera.cfg for each aircraft… if I understand your request correctly.

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That’s a good shout, I’ll look into that. I don’t think that changes my request though but it should solve the problem for me. :+1:t2:

Was just going to suggest what @PZL104 mentioned. Open up Cameras.CFG and look for “InitialPbh = -0.5, 0, 0”. This is the initial Pitch, Bank, and Heading. (in degrees offset from default). Try changing -0.5 to something like +0.5 to point further down. Note, I haven’t tried this, but should get you started.

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Can you please add pitch/angle of view for the default Camara ?

Right now there are height, zoom, and lateral position options, but no pitch/angle options.

I find myself comstantly changing the default Camara settings from plane to plane and this is needed so the pilot can adjust the default vertical and lateral angles of view.

Thank you.

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Agreed. Having to go into the camera.cfg file is kinda silly. It also means you have to exit and reload the plane to activate the new view when adjusted in the camera.cfg file. Or, in Dev mode, you can reload the aircraft but that seems to cause CTD sometimes. And for whatever reason, the G1000 172 doesn’t seem to take changes like the others.

It has to be a keyboard shortcut, like it was in FS2004 or FSX (Enter/Backspace). Each landing, terrain, etc. is unique and there are times when you want to pitch the angle of view differently. Changing the cfg files makes it permanent… not a real solution.

I don’t understand. What has terrain to do with the pitch angle?
Especially during landing you always want to the exactly same view height and pitch angle.
Otherwise you can’t memorize the view for other landings.

That’s a good point, as for landings. However, if you want to see more scenery/distance, changing pitch angle on flat terrain as opposed to mountains is handy. So the best option is the way it was in past MS sims… keyboard shortcuts for increasing and decreasing pitch.

What zoom setting are you using?
Im using ~0.4. This results in a realistically wide FOV and it provides a realistic sense of speed at very low altitude.

Did you have FS2004 or FSX? You could see as much of the “ground” as you needed (so runways in the distance, scenery, etc. could be seen even if flying level or nose up for landings.) It was like looking out a real windshield. Setting a zoom level or messing with cfg files does not give any flexibility. So often, in normal 3D cockpit view, much of the terrain is hidden. You can compensate for that and see more of it but then your gauges are hidden. Anyone who remembers the old way to angle the view knows how much better that was than the preset fixed angle we now have.