Change Navdata from NB to other service


I think one of the prime update should be change from NB to other one, options are of course:

  1. jeppesen
  2. LIDO

How do I forward this to MSFS/ASOBO

Thank you.

They partnered with NB. Do you think they just gonna switch?

even navigraph few years ago after many years with jeppesen changed to LIDO…

It was the other way around, I believe.
At least I’m sure Navigraph use Jeppesen now.

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Actually, It was the other way around. Lot of users were not happy campers lol

I rememmber the change to LIDO.
then maybe back to jeppesen.

Anyhow… for w thing I think we all agree…
NB isnt good enough…they should change to jeppesen.