Change Pressure Units

Quick q: how can I change what the units are in the weather editor? For example I have “units of measurement” set to “U.S. System” however in the in-sim weather editor the air pressure is still set to millibars (i think). I want inches of mercury.


Check in the main options for these settings.

Barometric pressure is always in inHg in MSFS, doesn’t matter what units of measurement you select.

What aircraft you flying? On the G1000nxi if you go to PFD Opt then ALT Units it gives you either IN or HPA if you have the system settings as US it should give you the Altimeter readings as 29.98 for example so it is the IN units you need. Hope this helps?

guys, the units are C and “hpa” even though I have “US System” in settings. This is what I’m talking about

I’m not sure you can change those.

seriously? you can chance all of the units in-sim except the entire weather profile?

You can’t change all the units in sim either. In flight ATC only gives barometric pressure in inHg, not in hPa. My guess is they chose metric units because International Standard Atmosphere is defined in metric and probably its also the units Meteoblu is using. When looking at the conversion between lbs to kg which in sim is bugged its probably not as easy as a “simple” conversion.

you make a good point the ATC gives in inHg, which makes it worse since you manually assign a different pressure unit than the one the ATC gives you. This is very strange and definitely unhelpful to new pilots. I’m an old pilot and i find it befuddling as well.

Pretty much everywhere outside of the US this is immersion breaking as hPa is used instead if inHg, neither is 18000 ft used as transition altitude outside of the US…