Change profile name and avantar


Can anybody tell me how to change mu profile name and avantar?


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Anton Will van Zoelen

your name is tied to your XB Live Gamertag, you cannot change this without changing your GT itself.

as far as the Avatar, im working to figure that out myself

Thanks for your quick respons…!!

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Hey there @ZOELENAW! Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

If you are referring to changing your forum profile picture, you can do so under the preferences page, which in your case would be this link. Hope this helps!!

Otherwise, you can customize your Xbox account here

he means in the game, which it i cannot get my profile picture here on my account to sync to the profile in the sim.

unless he is referring to the forums, then yes, that is where you change it. he did not clarify in-sim or forums


I mean the name I see in the left hand corner of FS2020…

Thanks for any help.

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Anton Will van Zoelen

You mean top right corner in menu page?


Sorry…early morning here…hahaha…yes…


the profile name is tied to your XBL Account, you can only change it from there.

as far as the avatar goes, im also wondering why mine is blank, yet i have a forums avatar, which is tied into the same account as my XBL Account is.

also my XBL Account has its own avatar which its my understanding, one of the two is supposed to be auto synced into the sim.

Hi Guys,

I just changed my profile (including photo) on XBL.
It made me notice that FS2020 was not linked to this XBL account. I should point out that I bought FS2020 via Steam.

As a result, despite the change on XBL, I still have this ridiculous name, automatically assigned by FS2020.

Is there a way to link FS2020 on XBL??. In advance thank you