Change size of generic building?

I can’t find a way to change the size of a generic building. I don’t mean the AI buildings, but the ones you can add from the scenery menu in objects. E.g. “Gen_Hangar01”. There is only a way to scale it up in all directions the same time. But if I only like to make it longer? Is this possible in the current state?

No. The models are fixed in their proportions. The only thing you can do is increase or decrease their overall size. You could hide the parts you don’t want in other buildings or terrain if there’s anything close.

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MY trick is to use the identical buildings one next to the other with part of the building recessed.

So if there is a square building and i want to put it on a rectangular plot, i may duplicate it and just ‘bury’ one face of the building in the other, to make the whole building look longer ( so 2 square buildings lined up perfectly with each other) to make a rectangular hangar)

Doesnt always work but its a work-around .

I do wish we could scale only one face of the buildings to stretch them