Change tail number on the L-19 Bird Dog Amphibian?

Help please, is it possible to change the tail number on this plane? I have tried the recommended way with no success, or is there a copyright thing in place?

At this time, the Bird Dogs have the registration numbers drawn into the textures. You can write your own in the menu, but it will only change what ATC says, not what is displayed.

It’s not a copyright issue. It’s mostly just an issue that there’s a HUGE variety of fonts and characters in most planes, so it’s easier to paint the Reg number than figure out how to get it to work with the default HTML procedure currently in place from Asobo.

Until Asobo explains how us regular users can access their new fangled “decal” system on all planes, we’re going to continue to paint them as we always have. It’s a little upsetting that Jorg et. al. have no respect for our desire to paint our aircraft. Hopefully the livery paint tutorial they keep promising will provide tools to allow all users to develop their own decals on any aircraft. Currently I’m skeptical, and feel a little off put by their attitude. I understand it allows for better performance because the base texture can be much smaller. But, if we have to have access to the model, that pretty much blows most of us out of the water.

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As a newbie,I am not aware of the in’s and out’s of the back ground set up, just follow the instructions on the pack and when they don’t work,it can be a bit off putting .
Thank you and KJKerr for your informative replies.

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