Changing Color when entering VR

Just noticed after the update that when entering VR the color is muted. It was not doing this this after noon but right at sun set see the screen shots. It was a particularly vivid red sunset. Not uncommon here. Anybody got an idea.
Intel i7-9700@3.60
32m memory
GeForce RTX 2060 Super 32g
G2 headset
all drivers up-to-date

Yep. Same issue here. Happens when switching to VR every now and then (as in 1 in 4 times for me). Workaround is to restart the flight when it happens.

Yup, saw this today as well. Happens when switching VR on/off a few times mid-flight.

I Submitted a Bug report

happens to me to. Easy fix is to press the escape button. When you see the menu, just press: return to flight, or press escape again. After that the light should be fixed. i dont need to restart a flight. it is a new
bug tho!

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Yep noticed last night, getting it at any time of day also, thought I’d broke my goggles at first by increasing resolution too much…lol

Not consistent also as other reported… got it switching to vr and also accessing menus mid flight

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