Changing default weight and balance numbers for an airplane

I have been flying the Kodiak 100 for the past month and every time I load in, I open the weights and balances and turn off the co-pilot by setting the weight to 0. Is there a configuration file with those defaults that I can change so I don’t have to make that change each time? I know where the aircraft config files are but I can’t seem to find that data but I imagine there has to be someplace user-accessible where those settings reside but maybe I’m wrong?

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If you bought it directly from the devs or a third party seller it’s in the flight_model.cfg file
In [WEIGHT_AND_BALANCE] section locate the line containing
station_load.x = x, x x, x, TT:MENU.PAYLOAD.COPILOT, 2
(I don’t own the Kodiak, I can’t be more precise)
Replace the first number (often 170) after = with 0

If you bought it from the Marketplace you are another victim of encrypted files.
Get your handkerchief and cry


Thanks. Suckfest. Unfortunately I bought the Piper Arrow bundle and the Kodiak before I wised up and realized I should never buy them on the Marketplace. Thanks for the tip though which I will use for my other 3rd party purchases.