Changing flight number and/or registration without returning to the main menu

Scenario: You are flying the A320 airliner on a multiple leg flight. Say KBOS-KPHL-KORD. Each leg has a different flight number. When you complete one leg, you are unable to turn around at the gate. You can’t change the flight number and have to exit to the main menu and restart.

You should be able to just change the flight number without restarting or reloading the aircraft.

Yeah, good idea!

Ability to change flight numbers and reg numbers while in the sim is a good idea.

You can change to any aircraft while in the sim by using the developer mode menu.

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Whoah! I did not know that. That was driving me crazy as I will fly my 172 somewhere, then want to jump into a Cub to fly around and hated having to wait for it to go back to the main menu then wait to reload it again.

You can change the flight number in the Airbus MCDU and it does update it with ATC.

Sometime when we forgot to edit tail number at the main menu, we have to return back to main menu in order to change callsign or tail number which is very inconvience.

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Put it in Pre Flight checks.


This is correct solution!

If a boxer thinks he needs a timeout in the middle of a round, then the boxer probably needs more training. :crazy_face:

I feel the pain as I usually forget to start my ACARS until my wheels just leave the ground!
I need to work on my habits!

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Yes! ATC options (and livery selection) should be accessible in the game after a flight has started. This is especially useful for airline flight numbers, which you may want to change even if your registration is known before the flight.

Ideally, there would be a way to permanently change the registration on a per-aircraft basis and also have the ability to set a default registration for all aircraft.

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I wonder if this would get more votes if the title were a bit more succinct, something like “Change tail number and call sign”, or something along those lines.