Changing measurements from meters to feet

I am trying to get items in my pilot profile to show in feet or miles rather than meters, I think there are also items being show in seconds that don’t make since. I have looked for settings to change this but not found any. I am having a great time exploring this sim keep up the good work.

EXACT same issue here. I’ve looked at my Windows “Location” settings, my XBox account settings, and all through this sim, trying to find a simple setting, and failed.

I’m way too old to start thinking of altitude and distances in “meters” - it just ain’t gonna’ happen for this old man. Either MS will fix this issue, or the data being provided, such as it is, will continue to be useless to me.

Another annoying thing is that the sim keeps showing incorrect local time, off by up to 12 hours or so. My Windows time is correct, and I see nowhere in the sim to set time. Boooooo … Bad.