Changing tail numbers in graphic editor

It would be nice if someone could give a tutorial how to change the tail number on a small plane such as the c152 or 172 using GIMP or other editor.

Pretty much the same as the tutorials about painting, just add a text layer.

Just why?
Then you will have two tail numbers showing…?

you can change the tail number in game and it will change it on the aircraft, no need for a separate skin

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Azza7180 is correct. I just noticed that. If only someone could tell us where the info was keep in the program so we can make it permanent.

There’s a freeware utility on the MSFSADDONS site that will edit the config files for you to change the tail number, but it would be nice if the stock game allowed you to make your changes persistent in the main game options without the need to use 3rd party tools or dig through config files to edit ourselves.


Making the tail number “sticky” instead of having to set the tail number each time: this is what you’re requesting, correct?

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Perhaps you could give a try to:

“If you’re sick and tired of re-entering your own custom tail number for every plane, replacing the generic and boring AXSGS, Phil Pendlebury (aka Admiral on our forums) has now got the solution - his elegant ATCRenamer plugin utility for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020…”


It worked for some. For example, it worked for the c152 and the glass version of the c172 but not the classic version c172. I noticed that the c152 has a aircraft.cfg as well as the glass 172, but not the classic c172. Maybe someone could use the glass c172 to create a class c172 aircraft.cfg file/

I changed the tail number of my C152 & the Robin DR00 by simply changing the text in each aircraft’s config file.

One thing I’d prefer though is if your tail number could be seen by other players… instead of the black rectangle (censor bar) covering it.
If you don’t know what I mean… just go up close to another player’s aircraft.
I guess it’s censored to stop anyone using any offensive words


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I gave it a try and post my comments on

You’re right, 10 of my aircrafts (among them the C172 classic) do not have an “aircraft.cfg” and obviously the method used by ATC Renamer can’t work for them.

I’m happy with that and stop here the experiment (don’t want to play sorcerer’s apprentice :wink: ).

Try changing the aircraft.cfg file in the “asobo-aircraft-generic-piston-singleengine” type? This would apply to several aircraft, presumably.

I tried changing the generic piston file and putting it in the classic 172 folder… didn’t work. I tried looking at the glass 172 file which does exist and editing a generic piston file…that didn’t work either. I might try looking at the the 152 file and modifying it but at this point there must be something I am missing.