Changing Trackir Setting for External Views also changes Cockpit view

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The view panel has a separate setting for Trackir on both the External View and Cockpit view, however changing it on one view also changes it for the other views. Other competitor sims don’t do this, e.g. when using the checkbox to disable trackir for external views it doesn’t disable it for cockpit views.

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Attached is screenshot of what the cockpit view looks like after disabling trackir on the other tab (external view tab)

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

  1. Go to external view
  2. Click the views toolbar panel
  3. On the external tab disable trackir
  4. Enjoy looking around the plane with the mouse and HOTAS controls
  5. Go back to the cockpit, discover that Trackir is off in the cockpit
  6. Check the toolbar menu panel, and it is ticked off as per the screenshot.

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Current non-beta on 29th August 2022 UTC 0713

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