[CHARITY] Terry Fox Marathon of Hope (Stage 1) Race Day and Results Thread

eventTime: 2021-09-04T23:29:24.930Z
type: PARKED


eventTime: 2021-09-05T02:54:43.980Z
type: PARKED

Took a gamble and changed my planned direct route which would have had headwinds all the way, to catching the tailwinds that were to the north. From memory I think I went the furthest north. Highlight was following SeedyL to Gander, but the rest of the leg was spent wondering if I was making the right decision. After taking off from CYIF the new direct course setting in autopilot wasn’t working and I ended up fighting the autopilot to survive. Had to give up and reset flight back to last airport.
Leg 2 CYIF → CRB4
2nd time taking off at CYIF, this time without incident and autopilot behaved. Visually not a great flight as I was flying between 2 cloud layers, but the tailwinds kicked in and was seeing ground speeds of 180-190 knots.
Leg 3 CRB4 → CYYU
Utilising the last of the tailwinds I headed back to the great circle path and made a gamble to head for CYYU and reduce final leg length and time. Would describe that move as stupid as I had just over a gallon of usable fuel on touching down and had clouds that were getting lower every minute with icing.
Full throttle run to the finish line. Was monitoring the DA40’s behind me and matching their speeds where I could. Inglorious landing bouncing a couple of times in front of Forder at CYQT but I was down and finished.



Siul Titanium:

eventTime: 2021-09-04T22:38:27.371Z

type: PARKED

eventTime: 2021-09-04T20:25:15.074Z
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eventTime: 2021-09-04T22:21:20.990Z

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SimAir stopped logging for some reason during the race and I didn’t realize until my last fuel stop. I’ve attached screenshots from littlenavmap with the dotted line to prove I did fly all of that leg but SimAir doesn’t show it. Hope this is ok.

eventTime: 2021-09-05T00:01:53.567Z
type: PARKED

I had a CTD about what felt like 2 or 3 hours away from the finish and forgot to restart simair.io (https://simair.io/logbook/hypertexthero/flight/38615). No worries as I won’t be able to do the 2nd leg as I will be away from my computer.

I had fun despite a mysterious engine failure an hour or so into the flight, and a pilot error crash on landing later! It felt good to finally land at Thunder Bay!!

My total time was around 16 hours 34 minutes and 52 seconds (you can see the stream video at https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1138694297 ).


Good Morning/afternoon everybody…

… and here is my final report on my route to Thunder Bay.


Couple of hours before sunrise I’ve started up the engines and bribed the ATC in Toronto to let me go for kind of Night-VFR-Flight. The sky was clear and I could see the moon and stars. The reason for this was quite simple. The wind conditions before sunrise for my small LSA/ Microlight class aircraft. And so I could manage to get a 10+ knots tailwind on my way North-West to Wawa.

In the morning I was rewarded with a lot of colors. Golden sunbeams from behind drew wonderful pictures on my flightdeck.

With deep respect for the realism of the weather model I could see how everywhere haze and patches of fog started to emerge with the first sunlight. I needed to climb a little bit to maintain VFR.

Later in the Morning I could see how the air became more and more turbulent and unstable. Towering cumulus clouds grew out of the haze.

Approaching Wawa I was surrounded by thunders and lightnings.

Without problems I’ve entered right circuit pattern and landed successfully in Wawa for breakfast and refueling.


Finally I headed to Thunder Bay directly crossing Lake Superior. With the sun in my back the good spirit in my mind I was happy to get to Thunder Bay. The last Leg was quite uneventful except the rainbows left and right. The Weather was kind of rewarding me for the mess in New Foundland.


Looking forward for the 2. Part of this Race and I wish to thank everybody for the nice time.

One last thing: May I ask @BlueYonder9259 why my live-stream is not listed in GoRace.net? I am not using Twitch with all this ads and annoying blinking stuff left and right. I do run my own streaming server based on Owncast (Free and Open Source Software).


Halfway after Quebec I had a CTD, and forgot to restart simair after circa 40 mins I realized and restarted the simair client and the sim too.
My logbook flights:


First of all, well done to everyone that completed the race, what a great experience it was. This community is just awesome.

@CaptArash, thank you for the tight formation flight for the last 40 min of my flight and to make sure that I arrived safely… lol

I am on XBOX, we took off at 11h00z and safely arrived at CYQT at 22h22z. Attached my Logbook, not sure what else to upload to record my times.

Looking forward to next weekend.


I’ll try to fly this leg, but I guess I’ll end up with the 96 hours. Spent 12 hours yesterday reinstalling the game instead of flying cause it kept crashing on me just minutes after I started the game.

This Twitter-thread of my install experience tells me I should avoid that at all cost in the future.

It took about 12 hours to do a full install…

That did not change a thing. I guess this thread is next for me… :frowning_face:

That’s it! Thanks for the fun!

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Remind me on the day of the race. I can easily add your URL to GoRace for everyone to see. We also have an overlay that you can use on stream that gives your position an ETA.


Finish in CYQT
eventTime: 2021-09-05T04:45:22.360Z
type: PARKED


Elapsed: 17:45:22
Cub Crafter X Cub

Major Highlights
IRL got in the way and had to drive 3 hours to another location after first leg. Planned ahead, took “will be good enough” laptop and misc gear with me, to finish the race from 2nd physical location. So that first fuel stop in the sim ended up being about 3.5 hours :slight_smile:
Took off, set AP, ran some errands, and come back to LAPTOP HAD GONE TO SLEEP! Most amazingly, woke it up, and MSFS and the sim continued as if nothing had happened (although lost 45 mins flying time). Made for a dicey landing in CYQT after midnight, pitch dark over Lake Superior for most of the flight.

Despite the challenges, great time racing, watching the coverage, and that CLOSE finish by the leaders - AWESOME!
THANK YOU SeedyL and FactualGull for hosting!

Caculated my “what could have been” time (without the delays, sleeping laptop):
Happy with that for first time flying X Cub any significant distance.

2021-09-06 19_26_45

Somewhere over central Quebec …

Investigating the forecast for next weekend and noticed St John’s is expecting an Atlantic hurricane.

Thanks to @SeedyL3205 and @FactualGull1036 for organizing this amazing series.

And many thanks to all who participated either by officially competing or supporting the competitors or donating to the great cause. All of you made this a fantastic and memorable event. Looking forward to Stage 2.

Here is my Stage 1 result:

eventTime: 2021-09-04T19:59:53.384Z
type: PARKED

and this is the link to my logbook: SimAir.io

Please note that there are two separate “Parked” events at CYQT since I did a celebratory lap around the airport after the the first full stop landing.

Capt. Arash

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Congratulation my friend for finishing your first race!

And you’re very welcome! It was a pleasure to fly alongside you and keep you company :slight_smile:

Capt. Arash


Hi everyone,

This is my Xbox Logbook for Stage 1.

Took off from St. John’s at 11h01z and arrived at Thunder Bay at 0h:57z during a beautiful nightfall.

Thanks so much!! Looking forward next stage!

Greetings from Spain!!

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