[CHARITY] Terry Fox Marathon of Hope (Stage 1) Race Day and Results Thread

Hello everyone! The third event of the 2021 MSFS Endurance Race Series, the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope, is less than three days away from the time of this writing! Here’s some important information pilots will need to know for the race itself and how to submit your results after you complete your run.

Event Logging

To ensure everyone competes fairly, all racers must log their flights using simair.io. Be sure to start the SimAir client before launching MSFS, and make sure your flight is being logged on the website. If you have a CTD, you will need to exit and manually restart the SimAir client before loading MSFS again. Note: Xbox players are excluded from this requirement as SimAir only works on PC.

Race Start Time

Wheels up at exactly 8:30am on September 4 in St. John’s (Newfoundland Daylight Time). You can use this countdown clock to see the exact race start time in your local time zone.



All pilots must fly on the East USA server.

Live Race Leaderboard

Community member @BlueYonder9259 has created a website that pulls SimAir data and displays everyone’s position and remaining distance in real-time. You can track your position in the standings at gorace.net.


If you would like to chat with other race participants, feel free to use my Discord server. I highly encourage everyone racing to join the endurance race voice channel. During previous charity events, everyone said this was a great way to enhance the camaraderie of the event and make new friends with other flight sim community members.


If you have any questions or need a rule clarified during the race, the best way to reach me is to post your question in the chat of my Twitch channel. Since I’ll be flying the race myself, I won’t be actively checking this forum thread during the event.


While the goal of this race is to have fun with other members of the MSFS community, remember that we are also raising money for cancer research through The Terry Fox Foundation. Please donate if you can, and if you’re streaming your race, please ask your viewers to consider donating as well. If you make a donation through this fundraising link, we can track how much money the MSFS community collectively donated! Our fundraising goal for this event is CAD $10,000.

How to Watch

The following racers (listed below in alphabetical order) have indicated they intend to livestream their run. Stop by their channels during the event and show your support!

How to submit your completion time

When your race is over, post a screenshot and a link to your simair.io logbook in this thread showing that you have a “Parked” status at Thunder Bay (CYQT), similar to the example below. The deadline to submit your results for Stage 1 is 2359Z on Wednesday, September 8. Anyone who has not submitted a completion time by the deadline will have their race time logged as 96:00:00.

Good luck, everyone! We’ll see you in the skies in less than three days. As always, please remember to promote the Terry Fox Foundation fundraising campaign and donate if you can.


Just checking weather for tomorrow… there’s a good chance all VFR only aircrafts will somehow trick to get an SpecialVFR permit in St John’s due to IFR conditions at starting time…

Everything prepared… plenty of coffee, some beer, chips and fish… ready to rock and roll :wink:

eventTime: 2021-09-04T19:43:51.075Z

type: PARKED

What a great cause to fly for! Won’t be flying but will sure help support the foundation. Should be a fun event!

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eventTime: 2021-09-04T20:08:06.336Z

type: PARKED

eventTime: 2021-09-04T20:14:36.653Z

eventTime: 2021-09-04T19:43:54.176Z

eventTime: 2021-09-04T22:21:10.156Z

eventTime: 2021-09-04T20:32:31.956Z
type: PARKED

Snowier Joker




eventTime: 2021-09-04T23:02:24.776Z
type: PARKED

Well congrats to the first ones wo managed to arrive in ThunderBay. Good Job!

Like the last event, I’ll write a few lines about the flight itself. What was it like? Well, unlike Paris-Dakar, I had an AP this time, but it was anything but boring.

1. Leg CYYT - CYQX:

Shortly after takeoff in St Johns the AP of the Pipistrel failed and whatever I tried, it flew me off course south into the open Atlantic. So I took control and flew the Pipistrel Virus manually to Gander where I made an unplanned stop to reset and reprogram everything. On the positive side I could take a peek how the rain and the bad weather looked from above before I got below the base again hardly maintaining SVFR of course.

2. Leg: CYQX - CYSZ:

With full tanks and a working AP, I headed across the St Lawrence Gulf to St Anne-des-Monts in one leg. Most of the time in absolutely miserable and normally un-flyable IFR conditions not respecting the small plate in front of me.

Over water I had at least constant ground visibility, but as soon as I reached land I already could read the FAA accident report headlines: CFIT and flight from VMC into IMC with a completely unsuitable aircraft for the weather.

But this was not my main problem. The fuel gauge dwindled more and more and when there was only one drop left in the tube, the ETA still showed 12 minutes of remaining flight time.

Just one minute before the destination, the airfield already in sight, the engine stopped and I found myself in a glider. With a successful deadstick landing, I landed softly. And with peed-in virtual pants, I exited the plane. If you need a flight for the textbooks for bad-practise, this flight was a masterpiece.

3. Leg: CYSZ-CPT9:

At least everything remained intact and so did the pilot, and I continued my flight to Quebec along the St. Lawrence River. The weather got better and soon I was able to leave the nasty conditions behind.

Shortly before Quebec I diverted to a smaller airfield. I thought to myself I’ve already played out my “no-fuel card” no need to play it twice within a game.

4. Leg: CPT9-CYKZ:

Though this leg was only my second longest one it was the most boring one. Trees and fields and lakes and rivers. And sometimes there were another trees and more fields and more lakes and more rivers.

From the south came SeedyL and Factual Gull with their fast SR22 and were my companions (I was “DerTomas”) between Quebec, Ottawa and Toronto.

In Toronto Buttonville I decided to rest the night (in Europe it is already past midnight and I was flying for over 10h now). I will do the remaining leg tomorrow.

Thanks you all for the nice hours and for this great event so far…

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Event time parked: 2021-09-04T23:34:21.352Z

eventTime: 2021-09-04T23:10:35.367Z

eventTime: 2021-09-04T23:29:24.930Z
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eventTime: 2021-09-05T02:54:43.980Z
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Took a gamble and changed my planned direct route which would have had headwinds all the way, to catching the tailwinds that were to the north. From memory I think I went the furthest north. Highlight was following SeedyL to Gander, but the rest of the leg was spent wondering if I was making the right decision. After taking off from CYIF the new direct course setting in autopilot wasn’t working and I ended up fighting the autopilot to survive. Had to give up and reset flight back to last airport.
Leg 2 CYIF → CRB4
2nd time taking off at CYIF, this time without incident and autopilot behaved. Visually not a great flight as I was flying between 2 cloud layers, but the tailwinds kicked in and was seeing ground speeds of 180-190 knots.
Leg 3 CRB4 → CYYU
Utilising the last of the tailwinds I headed back to the great circle path and made a gamble to head for CYYU and reduce final leg length and time. Would describe that move as stupid as I had just over a gallon of usable fuel on touching down and had clouds that were getting lower every minute with icing.
Full throttle run to the finish line. Was monitoring the DA40’s behind me and matching their speeds where I could. Inglorious landing bouncing a couple of times in front of Forder at CYQT but I was down and finished.