Cheaper FR-TEC HOTAS Range UK alternative to VKB/Virpil

Seems a new cheaper HOTAS range is due to be released in a month here in the UK where it’s expensive to buy VKB/Virpil gear. Contact Simulations FR-TEC apparently uses magnetic sensors aka hall effect and supports multiple modes. Good to see some competition bringing prices down.

MACH 2 seems to be a rebranded VKB Gladiator £114.99

Raptor Mach 1 HOTAS Combo £149.99

Throttle also available for separate purchase £49.99

To be honest at that price point I would not expect the same quality levels of Virpil products possibly closer to cheaper Saitek or Thrustmaster options.
I am not implying these are not worth looking into if they fit with someone’s price point but do not believe they should be regarded at an equivalent level of Virpil products.

Agreed, I posted because normally at this price point you’re stuck with Logitech/Thrustmaster but this gear may be within budget of someone who cannot afford VKB/Virpil but would like something that shares some of their qualities.

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Found out some info and that they’re available much cheaper on eBay £74.99 vs £114.99. The downside is they’ve cut corners and are produced to lower standards than the VKB Gladiator.

by the way:

produced by same factory who made Gladiator for VKB (and Cobra M5 for Defender), based on agreement of share development (explained in other topics there), so the products are identical, with same mechanical, e.g. the gimbal with damper grease - and electronics parts (MaRS), minus:

  • Potentiometer in twist ruder instead contactless MaRS (X,Y axis use MaRS).
  • Restrict firmware options, basically calibration/deadzone, no new buttons profile is possible.
  • Pads under joystick base is in rubber, in Gladiator is silicone.
  • OEM versions QC control is done by factory Chinese personal. For Gladiator done by VKB.