Cheaper/free alternative to air manager 4

Just wondering if there’s a cheaper/free alternative to air manager 4? Or can anyone recommend a cheap small monitor to use as an instrument panel? The logitech instrument panel modules seem massively over priced considering you’ll probably want at least 6 of them? I’m thinking that a small monitor or two will work out much cheaper and actually allow me to diplay more than buying 6+ of those?

In axis and ohs you can create your own panels, also works on external devices with Webbrowsers (phones and tablets) and they are even clickable. Highly recommend the app, but it is some work not just plug and play. But highly rewarding

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To be quite honest, I think Air Manager isn’t expensive for what it does. If you use it with a touchscreen monitor or three and a knobster oor two, it does all the mega-expensive panels do.
But if you don’t have any spare touchscreen monitors, use Spacedesk to turn old tablets into touchscreen monitors.

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thanks. looks like spacedesk is a good way to try for me then, as I do have an old laptop/tablet that I can try it on.

seems like it’s free too?

Then I can just drag and drop stuff onto that second screen, and don’t need to buy anything :slight_smile:

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This is a free instrument app Free & Open Source Analog Gauges App - #20 by Palamies2020

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thanks, i’ll look at this option too then :slight_smile:

Ok, so some quick tests on a few different options… and I’m actually sold on air manager.

I have an old Asus transformer notebook tablet pc thingy… I’ve just set that up to log on without password etc, load air manager on boot, and show a panel.

Very very easy to install and setup, there’s not even any network config that needed to be done. Literally just worked straight away. This means I also don’t need to mess around setting up multi monitors in windows either.

I can move it around until I find the best position in my setup too.

So now I literally just turn it on when I start my sim on my main pc and it just acts like a separate instrument panel.

Very easy and well worth the 51 quid.

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try SkyElite there is a demo version so you can try it out. its browser based and runs on separate pcs or tablets over a home network SkyElite for MFS 2020

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I think I found a good, totally free solution for myself. Please tell me what you think!

I run the MSFS on a nice Razer w/ a 3080 and a Samsung 49" UHD TV attached.

Start MSFS and flight, Mobile Companion App and not necessarily, but as a nice bonus fs2ff. (MSFS to ForeFlight)
Drag 2 browser tabs to the second monitor and localhost:4000. Switch content as desired.
Click FS for focus and AltGr click the C172’s Garmins to pop them out. Drag the window to the TV and separate them by clicking the magnifier icon.
As I couldn’t manage to pop out the G1000’s hw buttons the left top MCA window serves as input.

Any improvement suggestions very welcome!

It would be much easier if you could popup instruments with their bezel. Why not? Probably cause MSFT is taking part in the business that allows that. In XP you can do that and with space desk and a second monitor you are done.

Thank you very much. Its great!