Checking for updates CTD Fix

I fixed this persistent CTD by accessing Steam as normal, then once Steam was loaded I disabled my Internet, then launched the sim. The sim succeeded in loading and once in the menu I enabled my Internet and changed a setting so that the sim would save my changes.

I can now load the sim as normal.

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I think there are a growing number of us that think that some CTD issues (among other issues) are related in some way to internet connectivity.


I too believe that post SU5, the sim is much more susceptible to connectivity issues. The reason I believe this is that on download day for SU5, I like everyone else on the planet, eagerly got online and downloaded the update, then went on the try out the new version. I hadn’t had a CTD in months, but that day the sim was crashing all over the place…some bizarre crashes I’d never seen before! After struggling for a while, I went to bed grumbling and mentally composing my “Asobo has ruined the sim” post.
The next day, I waited until later in the day when most of Europe and Asia had gone to bed and started the sim…eureka, everything back to normal CTD-wise except for a couple of glitches that were solved by the hotfixes.

My conclusion was that the CTD’s were in some way related to server capacity during the high use times when all the new xBox plus the PC users were trying to do the same thing.

While I was waiting to try the sim on day 2…I spent the time reading all the “Asobo has ruined the sim” posts on the forum…sigh!


Oddly, my CTD was persistent and activated every time I had passed the point of “Checking for updates”. I had been unable to use the sim for over a month until I discovered the solution. Luckily, I hadn’t messed around with my installation this time, as I was positive it was not my setup.

i learned a thing too lately…as you explained, the servers might be overwhelmed with all the simmers updated the sim…that’s why, as you do, i will wait one day or two before doing the next update, and meanwhile, i will read all the comments here about the fixes and unfortunately bugs coming with it…

Very well put.
Perhaps our suspicions on server load & instability of sim is something we should raise with Asobo.

Here’s a very interesting update: I was able to recreate my CTD yesterday by re-locating a PCI-e USB Card to a different slot. It was corrected using the same resolution technique.

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Thanks for posting - this fixed the CTD for me.

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what was this setting?