Chicago Looks Like FS9

Don’t know if it’s just me…

But all of Chicago looks like trash. Installed the new Meigs field, very nice, but once up in the air, none of the buildings had any texturing. Looked more like an FS9 attempt. Not sure if it’s supposed to be like this. All graphic settings are on Medium-High. Also noticed a fairly massive frame drop in this area.

Anybody else experienced this?

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Chicago is rendered with photogrammetry, so I’m guessing you’re looking at the LOD “issue” combined with a lower graphics setting and (presumably) a system that is less equipped to handle large areas like Chicago or NYC. I’ve flown around if a couple times and it didn’t seem too bad - although admittedly it can be a little hard for me to pay close attention when I’m only flying KB+M…

Cant see any problems at my end there.


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