Chicago O'Hare (KORD), Illinois, USA missing runway 09C/27C

Well, I spoke a bit too soon, Was able to spawn in a C152, but then CTD when I tried a Kodiak. Tried again in Safe Mode and it was fine. So definitely a conflict with one of the few things in my community folder. So now beings the tedious process of finding out the culprit!

This may be a silly question, but is it possible to create a Community KORD add-on that ONLY adds the missing runway? It seems like that would be the best solution for this problem. I’m guessing it’s not possible to only add pieces of the airport, though? I would imagine that somebody would have already supplied the missing pieces, otherwise.

I asked the same thing once, and even posted a request on No one seems interested.

I even watched a couple you tube videos on airport design to see if it was easy to just load the Asobo airport and make a couple tweaks to get it working. It was more complicated than I have time to invest learning the SDK.

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I literally did exactly that earlier this afternoon. I may still do it, but it looks like RW 9C/27C has an incursion into some buildings on the existing default airport, so those would have to get removed, too.

Is this bug being fixed soon? This bug should have a high priority to be fixed. Not only is KORD 09C/27C missing, the runway positions and lengths are wrong for adjacent runways and the scenery and taxiways around 09C/27C are totally messed up.

How can live Real Time Traffic be working correctly with these missing runways? What happens to any traffic departing or arriving on these runways? Do they just disappear? Does AI Traffic use these missing runways?

Is there any way to see if KORD has been fixed in SU9 without having to join the SU9 Beta?

I’m in the beta and would also like this fixed, so I’ll check. A fix is not in the release notes, so I doubt anything has been done with it.

No, 09C/27C is not available.

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Yay, World Update 10:
• Added new runway 09C/27C at KORD

Well, I already bought FSDT OHare, but good news for others!

you beat me to it, I was literally just typing the same thing haha

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Almost perfect timing! I did a VATSIM flight last night to KORD and 09C was one of the actives. Luckily, ATC had logged off 100nm prior to KORD, so nobody saw me go-around when I realized I was lined up on a ILS where there were no runway lights :rofl:

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Hmm, am I doing something wrong? After updating the base game and also downloading all content from Content Manager, I still don’t see 09C/27C. Well, technically I see it, but it doesn’t seem to be active in the sim. See attached.

Did you check the update tab?

Yeah. Weird. Can anyone else check? If it’s just me, then it maybe it’s some conflict with my previously installed FSDT O’Hare (but I don’t have that in my Community folder anymore), or maybe I need to re-build my content.xml file.

EDIT: I completely wiped my community folder, pulled out Navigraph, deleted content.xml, rebooted and let everything rebuild. Still no 09C/27C.

I hope it just me. Guess I’ll add FSDT O’Hare back in.

I can see it here with the Asobo handcrafted

Ah! So you have the premium edition. It looks like for those who bought the MSFS standard version, O’Hare 09C/27C is still out of reach. Here’s a view from my sim looking down 09C.

oof, that sucks.

Can indeed confirm there is no 09C/27C on the Standard Version of MSFS after downloading the WU10 USA.

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Did you also go to the Marketplace and “buy” World Update 10?

Yes. We figured it out. Only the premium version got a fixed KORD. Those with standard MSFS edition are out of luck.