Chile Volcanoes Tour - Between fire and lakes

A new volcano-oriented flight.
I like volcanoes…

After the Tibesti, Saudi Arabia and Bolivian Altiplano, I went to Chile and made a 1.5h flight plan that takes you along the Cordillera between craters, lakes and cultivated plains. There are more than 15 POI to visit.

Here is the global fight area and flight plan :
FP Chile

The best altitude is around 10000ft, but you will need to jump some of the volcanoes that are higher…

Let’s start… heading west right after take off, here’s the starter… Volcan Cabuco and the Osorno to the north :

After a while to the north, admiring a lake on the way, here are the Casablanca and Puyehue volcanoes…

The Puyehue crater is quite ugly…

After a few miles over fields an lakes, we arrive at the Mocho, a twin crater volcano :

On the way there are plenty of small old craters almost hidden by forest…

Now, the giants are showing up on the horizon… the Lanin and Villarrica, near the city of Pucon :
Lanin :

Villarrica (my favourite) :

Then, leavin Pucon, the Sollipulli, that looks more like a glacier-filled caldera than to a volcano :

Now head to the Llalma, over nice cultivated plains :

We can see that some lava fields stopped by miracle (or did not…) just before cultivated zones…

After a few others, we finish with the Antuco, one of the most beautiful volcanoes of the tour :

The rest of the flight brings us to the west, over Antuco, the rio Laja and to you destination airport near Los Angeles (!) :

Hope you enjoyed this flight… here is the flight plan :
VFR Chile volcanoes tour SCTE to SCGE.pln (5.5 KB)


If you’re interested, I’m sure the folks at World Tour Flights would love this.

Yes, sure, I have already added some flights there.
I will add this one probably tomorrow (before I need to manually correct the elevation of the waypoints as LNM -for now- does not export the elevation data in the .pln file).

[Edit] : My bad… this one is already posted :thinking: I need to sleep !

Gorgeous trip, thank you very much for that :smiley:

Where is the setting to turn the volcanoes on?



Love a good volcano…thanks man!