Chinese Lantern Hot Air Balloon

Added this for fun for Lunar New Year. 新年快乐 !

More info at Chinese Lantern Balloon - FLIGHTSIM SQUADRON


新年快乐!Happy lunar new year!

I have noticed that some of the characters might be incorrect, ie 案例 means “case”, it’s not a blessing word traditionally.

Haha ! I have no idea what the 3D model creator had in mind - Chinese Lamp - Download Free 3D model by Aki_Kato (@Aki_Kato) [9fbf203] - Sketchfab - but as a flyable mod, some more appropriate text to use might have been 东 南 西 北 :sweat_smile:

This was the other model I was trying at first - #FS2020 - Chinese Lantern Hot Air Balloon over Beijing in Microsoft Flight Simulator - YouTube - even stranger to say “water” on a lantern … :sweat_smile:

Anyway it looks great. By the way you should try the Brijing landmark mod on simmarket, it’s a great fun.

It’s definitely can’t be called Microsoft Flight Simulator… until you have a hot air baloon flyable…

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